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Happy Mother’s Day.

Its 11:42 am

Happy Mother’s Day to Leona Majestic,Lori’s momma. Lee is still with us in body but sadly Alzheimer’s took her spirit a long time ago. I have a lot of very sweet pictures of Lori and her mom when she growing up and you can see how strong the mother-daughter bond was. Lee worked very hard to get her three kids into and through college and was very proud of them all when all three graduated. She was the kind of mom every kid should hope to have,sweet,sassy and very creative.



2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day.

  1. So bittersweet, thinking of loved ones with Alzheimer’s on Mother’s Day. Aging, as they say, is not for the timid. My sister in law spent the day with her mother, who is 3 hours from home, in a neurological ICU. Life is so fragile.

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