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Have cheetah,will review #2 “Seattle Superstorm”

The cheetah and I had a blast doing our review of “Jurassic City” so we decided to try this again. Don’t know if anyone will actually read this but hey,any chance to show off the cheetah…..   Seattle Superstorm is a SyFy “weather gone amok” Saturday night movie. Low budget,really bad CGI,goofy “scripts” and a … Continue reading

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Guest blogger Susan Smiley : “Curvaceous and Bodacious”

Curvaceous and bodacious Growing up in the 1960s, Lesley Lawson – known as Twiggy when she graced various magazines as a model – was the body standard girls my age strived to achieve. Very thin with long legs without much muscle definition – the antithesis of voluptuous if you will. Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, and the … Continue reading

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8 Questions with……actor/director/writer Darren James King

It’s 1:11 pm Welcome to an another edition of my ongoing interview series,”8 Questions with…..”. I started this waaaay back when on another social media site and have re-started it here. The series features people from all over who in one or another have perked my interest. So I ask to do a interview where … Continue reading

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Have cheetah,will review #1 : Jurassic City

Its 1:02 pm   The cheetah and I had the pleasure of watching a fun creature called “Jurassic City” this past week.     The plot starts off showing a secret US Government department at night. Inside,a experiment has gone awry as dangerous raptors have gotten loose. While the first guard becomes a dino snack,the … Continue reading