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Have cheetah,will review #2 “Seattle Superstorm”

The cheetah and I had a blast doing our review of “Jurassic City” so we decided to try this again. Don’t know if anyone will actually read this but hey,any chance to show off the cheetah…..


Seattle Superstorm is a SyFy “weather gone amok” Saturday night movie. Low budget,really bad CGI,goofy “scripts” and a B movie name equals two hours of laughter and snorting Dr. Pepper through your nose. While this movie has all of the above factors I listed,I can’t do the usual trash job that a film like this gets. Because despite its many flaws,Seattle Superstorm has at its heart,a unique twist,it wants to be a family film.

The film opens with said family in the open trying to seek shelter from 3 monster tornadoes causing havoc in Seattle,it looks like the young daughter is going to be done for before the screen fades to dark and we start the story 9 hours before the tornadoes touch down.
Seems like the US military has shot down a UFO that crashes in Seattle and instantly causes the weather to go haywire. Many strange events happen including the loss of an entire dive team sent to recover the UFO. Its up to two government scientists who are engaged to each other to try and solve the mystery with the help of their bickering yet brilliant kids.
The budget is extremely low and it shows in the classically cheesy SyFy CGI effects. Anywhere from a an explosion to a building that shows no damage to a major bridge falling yet only getting a single police car,fire truck and ambulance to show up for it. And how they solve what is happening to save our planet,you have to see it to believe it.


The cast does what it can with a badly written script and crappy editing. The “name” they somehow bribed to do this movie is Esai Morales,who rose to fame when he co-starred with Lou Diamond Phillips in “La Bamba”. He has recently also appeared on “Criminal Minds” on CBS. The female lead is Ona Grauer who has some fanboy street cred as she starred in the  cult favorite “House of the Dead”. She also starred with Matt Damon in “Elysium” and also made a guest appearance on “Arrow”.
As I said,I do give the movie credit for trying to show how a family needs to work together to overcome long odds but the weak directing by Jason Bourque along with an even worse script sinks it.


I gave this movie a thumbs down and Paladin tried to bury it in his litter box.


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