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The Cheetah Escapes!!!

It’s 3:01 pm

It’s late afternoon and I am typing with one good hand and one very badly clawed one.
How did I come into this condition I can hear you asking? Well…..

Yesterday after dinner,a friend came by the house. I let her use my fridge and freezer to store her family’s groceries while she teaches a late class. She then stops by and picks up her things before heading home. It makes their life a bit easier,then she doesn’t have to shop after dark. Simple,right?? One would think.
Well as she was leaving,I was talking to her…I saw the cheetah was laying down on the second floor. As we talked,I had the door open a little too causally and as cheetahs are very fast,Paladin suddenly bolted outside. He sprinted to the left and froze,my friend went ahead of him while I came from behind. She bent forward to pick him and he went defensive,puffing up and spitting. I told her to back away while I went in. Paladin went on his back,hissing and spitting…I knew I had to keep him on his back to have a chance on getting him back.
He swatted at my hand,I could feel my skin ripping and it hurt like fire. As he attempted to turn on his belly,I flipped him back by grabbing his rear leg. That did the trick and I reached for his belly,he grabbed my hand with all four paws and dug in,hard. I picked him up and turned him away from me so I could scruff his neck. The noise was so loud,I was scared someone would call the cops if they saw the cheetah was outside.
I walked him in the house and put him in the spare bathroom…my hand was on fire as I went to clean it up. I sustained 22 cuts and scratches on my right hand,yet at no time did Paladin ever attempt to bite me and he had his chances. But his actions were defensive,not aggressive. After I cleaned up my hand which took about 10 minutes,I let him out and he was the same sweet boy as he always is.
My hand is very sore today and I’m soaking it in warm soapy water…and Paladin is asking to go back outside. The way he pacing is making wonder if a local cat is in heat…who knows,right?

Its been a very long time since I have cut loose on a personal blog. It’s been a weird bit of time as of late….some nice things have happened….my buddy Romey went with me to watch a Eastern Michigan game. We went on Homecoming and they played Toledo,so we had a good crowd. We sat on the Rockets side along with 400-600 Toledo fans who made the hour long trek.
The game itself was pretty good as EMU has had a decent year so far,while the Eagles lost,they were in it for a long time before fading late.
Romey enjoyed himself quite a bit and we were thinking of making one more trip but our schedules at the jobsite have changed. He will be working overnights now….and I’m trying to rejoin him back in freight. Its a little crowded back there but experience has shown that we have very high turnover so I am sure it will happen.
Haven’t really done to much outside other then the football game and looking for bargain movies. There is whole sub-culture of folks out there who really enjoy collecting films,some will actually collect every version of a certain release. I like watching the YouTubers who will do nothing but hunt for stuff….but I like the watching what I buy part as well….why get it if you aren’t going to watch it?
Someone saw my boxes of films I have gotten since Lori passed away and asked him if I ever rewatch any of them,I do actually….
Sockvember has started now,we are still on 30 pairs,I just am sluggish in getting this going so far…..but I am urging anyone who wishes to donate to do so….the mailing details can be found by clicking here.


The general election is next week,so get out and there and vote your heart.

I wish I had more to say,maybe next time.

Going to work on a new film review and a trio of “8 Questions With….”.

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Shout Outs

Heidi Williams- thanks for running such a great Blogging group!
Bobby – I really enjoy watching your film reviews,please keep doing them!
Cheryl – Wasn’t that a LOT of fun? Let’s not do that again soon.
Rueben C- Nice win by the Cubbies. I hope Coach Beck got to watch every inning!
Jewel – You are a inspiration,keep on fighting!



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