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On Hillary and a Sockvember update

It’s 11:44 pm

Looking outside into the darkness,the house is chilly as the weather is finally to come into line with the proper season. We are supposed to get our first snow flurries tomorrow.
The cheetah is downstairs snacking on some treats,then he’ll come and snuggle on the couch in the den and doze off.

I have been watching the fallout of the elections online and the protests against Drumpf being elected President. We all know how nasty and filthy he is,immoral,in the pocket of Russia,etc,etc….but Hillary Clinton was no better then he was. She was a puppet of big business,she lied,she cheated,she was a terrible Secretary of State. She failed to acknowledge just how badly she handled Libya and while I don’t think its entirely her fault,after Benghazi,she failed to enact ANY sort of new guidelines to make sure an incident like this would ever happen again.
I had good friends questioned why I was and did vote third party. They said every vote that was Third Party was a vote for Drumpf…Gary Johnson, at first look,seemed to have made a serious impact on the race with his 3-4% garnering of the vote. But the facts are plain,Hillary lost this race when she and the Democrat National Party conspired and did ruin Bernie Sanders campaign.
Wikileaks proved this by releasing the emails that showed just how corrupt and dirty the DNC is in exposing what happened to Sanders.
Sanders voters were outraged and disgusted and many of them,like myself,said they would not stand for this and last Tuesday,they showed that they didn’t. Up to 22 percent of voters who had worked on getting Sanders into the White House,voted for Drumpf….they rather take their chances with someone,who while vile and disgusting,at least is HONEST about his feelings.
Hillary on the other hand has been the most clouded and cloaked candidate in US history. So many questions unanswered and so much bullshit that she allowed and condoned,like knowing in advance about the debate questions beforehand and saying NOTHING about it when she should have been the one to acknowledge it.
The same buffoons protesting Drumpf need to take a hard look in the mirror and realize,its THEIR fault we are in this deep mess. They should have really been protesting when Hillary played dirty with Sanders,just like John McCain did in his quest to be President,she sold her soul for power and lost because of it.
People chose Drumpf has the lesser of two evils…..just as we did when we voted Obama in over McCain and Mitt Romney. Democrats are having a hard time accepting this,so much so that they are acting just like Teapublicans! The same frothing of the mouth hate and loathing that the GOP spewed when Obama took office…watching my social media feeds,I am seeing the same stupid reactionary comments that were hurled when Obama won…..moving to Canada,Obama is Islamic and wasn’t born here,FEMA camps are being built,yadda,yadda,yadda.
Now its the Democrats turn,they are the ones that are going to move to Canada,Drumpf is going to get us nuked (okay,now that is a legitimate concern),he is going repeal Obamacare and gay marriage. And as with the teapublicans,I don’t feel any of things will happen.
And these protests…..I wonder if the DNC is paying for those as well. They were exposed for putting plants in Drumpf’s speeches and stirring up trouble. Are they doing the same here? The DNC has shown that they are no different in dirty tactics,they can match the GOP for mudslinging any day of the week. The lines are blurred,you really can’t tell between the two parties.
I saw a video last night that basically said that Hillary lost because she never pushed or stood for any real changes. Looking back at Obama 8 years,there was plenty Hillary should have said and then actually done that Obama failed to do. And yes,I know the teapublicans fought and obstructed him up to very end….I mean,we STILL need a Supreme Court judge. I find it incredibly dangerous on BOTH sides that this issue was not resolved in a timely fashion….but really,what changes did Hillary ever really use as a plank? We know Drumpf threw a shitload of stupid ideas but again,he THREW….Hillary made no real effort,its like she expected to slide into the White House on her name and the fact she would be the first female President.
She didn’t promise to end our wars on what is now a THREE front theater of operations.
She didn’t promise to rework Obamacare and to lower actual medical costs,its broken and needs to be fixed,didn’t hear a single word about how she would address that.
People (including myself) worry about Drumpf’s close relationship to Putin (like Hitler and Stalin) but completely overlook the Clinton’s close ties to Saudi Arabia. Underneath Obama and with Hillary’s approval as SoS,the US sold a record number of weapons to the same people who got us into this global mess when they brought down 3 planes on 9/11.
The Democrats never pushed for peace,while they never fed as many men and women into the meat grinder,a steady loss of American life was lost under their watch and as I said,I never heard a word from Hillary about how and if she would end our involvement on the three fronts.
Bernie Sanders gave a speech almost a year ago in addressing foreign policy that is well worth reading and you can do so by clicking on this link in which he gives a concise POV on what needs to be done in regards to dealing with groups like ISIS.
Its a smart plan and one that could have worked,destabilizing nations has almost always ended up in disaster for the US,we need a different tactic. And ties with countries that we have respect for and with them us. Foreign policy wise,Hillary’s run as SoS was a failure…unless as noted,you hold stock in the defense industry,if you do,you are doing VERY well underneath Obama.
As for the next cycle…..nothing is going to change as long as Big Business is allowed to control our media,we get our information from about six sources now. Television news on the national level is strictly controlled and used as a smear weapon by both sides. We as a nation are forced to choose between two political parties,how is this democracy? If you have a good clear answer,please,leave a comment below….I think its too late to fix this nation and while I won’t see the end result of Drumpf’s rule,I do feel sorry for the people that will.

Sockvember 2016 update

So far the second Sockvember drive hasn’t been good. We have only collected 40 pairs of socks this year,I was told that I would be getting another 4 pairs today so as of 12 Nov,we have 44 pairs of socks. I hate to keep asking people if they will donate,I feel like people don’t want to be nagged as much this year…I can understand that and I guess that is why I am not hard charging as much as I did last year.
Maybe changing the delivery system was a bad idea,I was only trying to cut costs because of how much it cost to send heavy packages of socks. I don’t know….but I am happy that we have 44 pairs so far…those will help someone quite a bit…

Getting ready to winterize the house again,getting the plastic film covering for the fireplace this week. The old film lasted two years,it handled the cold but not razor sharp cheetah claws! I had no idea that he had slit the covering until this week when it got colder then usual,when I felt the air from the fireplace while watching “Creed”,I took a closer look and saw the damage….ugh,right? Oh well,time to break out the hair dryer and repair it. While the weather has been unusually warm this year,I think winter will be a bitterly cold one like last year.

Well that is all that I have in my tank today. I know its a bit different but hey,change is good,is it not?


I thought I would share another Mary Chapin Carpenter song as I head out for my day.

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Shout outs:

Josh Hadley: My heart is with you on the loss of your dog. Losing a pet is never easy but losing one who has stood with you through the toughest times is even more painful.
Thank you for giving Nico a loving home for 12 years.

Olga Kay: From the bottom of my heart,thank you for the donation for Sockvember! Totally charmed by your wonderful creations!

Phillip: Thank you for being the best brother one could ask for.

Steve Torres and my other friends who are part of Raider Nation:
Welcome back Raiders!!!

Romey: We will make it through this mess.

Kenny Helwig- Thanks for the talk last night and I’m sorry about your friend.

Trish: Thank you for the socks! I also admire your grace under pressure when responding to careless comments,no matter the intent. Sometimes I lose that quality in myself.

Eastern Michigan Football: What an amazing year!! It’s been a lot of fun watching the Hurons play this year!

Gary G. – Thank you for the socks. I know you won’t see this but I am still acknowledging your very generous heart.

Reject Filmz – Dan,thanks for the DVD that I won from your YouTube Channel. What a treat! You know the cheetah and I will be scoping it out!!


13 thoughts on “On Hillary and a Sockvember update

  1. Ok I haved to be honest cause that’s who I am. Besides the fact that he is well the stuff I never clean off the bottom of my shoe, yes a bottom feeder he is unqualified for the job and in all of this that is the one thing I hardly heard talked about. Though Hilary like most politicians was shady, so I don’t get what everyone is so mad at her for, at least she knew the job. Ok, I am done.

    • Agree with you on this. Plus I feel like a certain segment of the population feels that Trumps election gives them carte Blanche to harass minorities. I’m concerned for the environment and for all the folks who voted for Trump thinking there was going to be positive change because he was not a Washington insider, it sure looks like he’s surrounding himself with Washington insiders from that swamp he was fixing to drain.

      • What always concerns me Susan is we think thta one person is going to fix all of our problems, that sounds simplistic but we want change but we don’t want to do more than check a box. Trump brought things out that were already there unfortunately, hes’s not stupid. This year has been intense in that arena and what scares me about the entire election is our willingness to brush aside issues that he clearly supports like racism,sexism, even sexual assault. He has spoken out against really every race other than white and women, endorsing violence. So I don’t know what will happen, hope for the best and prepare for the wotst I suppose

    • What sort of amazes me is the fact that people fail to see is that ONE step of violence by a protester destroys credibility in the public’s eye. And that includes the teapublicans brandishing weapons at public areas and hiding behind the 2nd Amendment.

  2. Can’t say I agree with everything you wrote, but I will say this: I think that the reason many Liberals are unable to see how bad Hillary is/was is that it was never reported in the mainstream media. Whereas every (of the many) faults of Trump were repeated endlessly. I appreciate you sharing this…thanks!

    • While Schultz was forced to resign,once she did…the media stopped reporting it. While in fact,they should have reported on it MORE. Hillary was her own worst enemy…..the Libs are pointing out she won the popular vote by 1.4 million people.
      But again fail to point put that if Third Party candidates had more voices and the American voter had more choices,that Drumpf wouldn’t have garnered over 60 million votes himself.

    • We needed someone much better then just a “tad”. Instead we have a POS in Drumpf because Hillary stayed static and was showed to be a liar and a cheat. Drumpf never claimed to be anything other then what he is…..

  3. Give Trump a chance. I think he is strong and highly intelligent. He didn’t need to do this but he did it for the love of the country.
    I have the socks Michael, will get them in the mail asap

    • Cezanne,the man is a immoral,repulsive POS. He ran because because he is a megalomaniac and all the fears of the Teapublicans concerning Obama will come to light under Drumpf. Face it,this country is in for a VERY ugly future.

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