About The Inner Circle

My name is Michael and welcome to The Inner Circle. While I have been a blogger for years,it wasn’t until my wife Lori got uterine cancer that I started writing from my heart. I wrote about her brave struggle against her illness and how we dealt with it. Sadly my light and my soulmate lost her life on 20 May 13. I am writing now to help me cope with life on a daily basis.
I am blessed to have a wonderful group of people whom I love very much and who help me on so many different levels.

I currently like in SE Michigan and share my life with my pet cheetah (yes,a cheetah) Paladin.

5 thoughts on “About The Inner Circle

  1. Michael, I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that you will always have supportive people around you. A cheetah? I’ve seen them as pets before, they look very sociable 🙂

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