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Saying good-bye to a classy gentleman plus fun with podcasts

It’s 3:20 pm



Its a grey and overcast day here in SE Michigan. But its actually sort of warm as the snow is melting pretty quickly…well for at least a few more hours. The temps are going to drop rapidly and we are expecting a fresh layer of snow tonight,enough to make the roads very slick. I redid the driveway and picked up the mail. I don’t have anywhere I need to go tonight so…..
The cheetah is battling a cold and I have no idea how he got it as he is a strictly indoor cheetah. He is sneezing but eating/playing as normal so that is a good sign. He ran me down as soon as I showed him his catnip can. He really loves his ‘nip!!

Last night he woke me up as he was slapping at the window. I got up and came and looked outside,he had spotted 2 rabbits who were sitting in the front yard in the snow. We sat and watched them as two more showed up and they touched noses. Paladin jumped down and headed downstairs for a ground floor view. I headed back to bed knowing the house was in good paws.
I like to say thank you for the nice comments from my last entry,I know I haven’t been writing as much as of late. The editorial on Chris Kyle was sort of a departure for my blog and I was wondering if I get any backlash over it…which I did not. People asked me my take and I shared it.


Tomorrow will mark the day that Lori and I first learned she had cancer. Of course she had it before this date but the quacks at Oakwood had completely missed it. So you can imagine to my shock and dismay when one of Lori’s angels (the three nurses who we our chemotherapy with),Melanie,posted that her husband who had gone to Oakwood for a simple achilles surgery,was now fighting for his life as blood clots had formed in his lungs and was affecting his kidneys,threatening to shut them down. He was in serious if not critical condition as the doctor said Vaughn (her husband) had a 50% of surviving!!! Typical Oakwood fuck up….a bunch a damn poor doctors outside one or two who actually know what the hell they are doing…Melanie promptly arranged to have her husband transfered to U of Michigan where he is now as I write this. He is now being treated by a professional staff of quality doctors instead of the butchers at Oakwood. I asked how Melanie how went from a simple surgery into such a close call and she was at a loss to explain it herself. I can’t imagine even thinking about how close she came to our fate. I tell people over and over,do NOT go to Oakwood,they don’t heal there,they kill their patients. I know some folks will defend them but they can go to hell if they try that shit with me.
Here is hoping for a speedy and complete recovery for Vaughn and he can come home.

So I was surfing on my FB when I saw the following from my favorite sports anchor,Tom Leyden from our local ABC station:

“When you call someplace home for a quarter of your life, it’s beyond difficult to make the decision to move. The situation needs to be perfect and even when you think it might be, there’s always some concern about leaving what you know and entering an abyss of uncertainty.
It’s with great emotion I tell you, after more than 10 years at WXYZ, my time working in Detroit will come to an end on April 3.
I’m joining FOX 25 in Boston and will be the station’s main sports anchor starting in April, right before Red Sox Opening Day and the Boston Marathon. Yes, the professional opportunity is fantastic, but this decision goes far beyond what awaits from a sports perspective.
  We will live in the same city as my sisters and be within a relatively short drive of our parents and Nicole’s siblings. The girls will be able to hang out with their cousins more frequently. I’ll be near my alma mater, so we’ll have the chance to rekindle friendships with so many people on the east coast who have slipped out of reach over the last two decades. All of that in one of America’s most historic and vibrant cities.
Those are the positives.
What makes the move so tough is the love we have for Michigan. Since day one in 2004, we’ve been so warmly embraced and encouraged. You have made us a part of your lives, welcoming me into your home through the television. I feel the love when I see you at a game, in the grocery store or at the Original Pancake House (c’mon…had to get that in there). You feel like you know me and I feel like you like me. It’s a humbling reality I never take for granted.
This decade with you has been remarkable. Our children were made in Michigan and the spirit of the Detroit will never leave us. The friends we’ve made along the way are people we treasure. We hope to stay connected forever.
You can be sure of one thing – we will always represent The D.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And Boston people…. Get ready!”



Tom Leyden is leaving for Boston. So many emotions here….I have had so many fond memories with a man who I never had the pleasure to actually meet in person yet we connected still the same. Be it talking San Jose State/Boston College sports,the love of baseball,the yearly bet on the Subway Series to his immense kindness and words of encouragement during Lori’s cancer. Tom is the best….as a sports anchor,journalist and a human being.
I have written over and over just how damned lucky metro Detroit is in having some of the finest journalists working on our behalf. It seems this last couple of months we have lost so much talent to retirement,other jobs in bigger markets or just want to stop the merry-go-round and live a quiet life without all the heartbreak and bleakness that Detroit can present.
I am saddened to see Tom go,I had hoped one day we could meet and enjoy a coffee and talk some serious baseball. But I know our loss is Boston’s gain. I take joy in that he will be able to watch the mighty Yankees at least 9 to 10 times a year deal the pain to the hated Bosox. I wonder if he’ll dare to wear his Met’s cap when he is off work. But mostly I am glad he worked here and we were that much better for it. Good luck Tom,I know you’ll do a outstanding job!!

And on the flipside of the coin is the Brian Williams saga,Williams is under a major spotlight after a story he kept on telling about being shot down in Iraq on a chopper in 2003 was proven to be a lie. Now his entire creditability is under scrutiny,much like Chris Kyle’s is. Both men lied but one is stilled being hailed by the public for his service to his country and the other may see a decades long career getting flushed down the sewer. Is it fair? Is it right? Depends on who you ask I suppose. Personally I feel Williams had ventured into show biz a little too much,hosting Saturday Night Live and having his reports being turned into songs and played on his network’s talk shows as comedy fodder.
To me,this really weakened his stance as a serious journalist and positioned him more and more as a mere talking head instead of the voice of NBC News. The seeds for such a quick backlash had been planted years before this chopper incident came into the light.

One does not simply forget getting shot down in combat,EVER. Maybe taking a small arms fire from various missions but being shot down?? You can chalk this up as a Robert Irvine type of story. Chef Irvine is a well known and popular figure on the Food Network whose claim to fame was being the chef who made Princess Diana’s wedding cake and cooked for the royal family. The story was even used in the intro to his Dinner:Impossible show and his bio on the Food Network website.
While it was true that he had prepared some meals for members of the royal family,he was not the Buckingham Palace chef nor did he make Diana’s wedding cake. But in telling the lie over and over,it took on a life of its own,much like Chris Kyle’s fairy tales of shooting 30 Americans during Katrina.
But one day,someone did the work and exposed the lie that Irvine had been telling and he was fired from the Food Network. (he was eventually rehired)

But this is a much serious breach of ethics here. Williams has his viewer’s trust in his hands every time he reports the news. We count on the press to tell and get the truth when it comes to gathering facts and figures. Sort of hard to walk before a politician or the President and demand the truth for the American people when your own ethics and moral compass has been compromised. What ever Williams says is always to be met with caution and a sense of distrust,exactly what a sane American does when looking at Fox News. We know the people who work for Murdoch have a political agenda and are never unbiased,what once were solid professionals at one time no longer are taken for nothing more then rabble rousers.
This is where Williams might be headed,I think he can weather ONE misfire but now with his other harrowing stories being looked at..if its proved he has lied on other stories as well,he should resign from NBC News for the sake of the entire press corp. What do you think? What do you think Williams should do?

The cheetah is on the prowl,he really wants my attention whenever he hears the keyboard being used. Normally I would be playing a album or listening to something on YouTube while I crank this blog out,this covers some of the noise but when I don’t,poof,one cheetah looking for some sugar.

Sort of amused watching everyone comment on the Grammy’s. Guess Kanye West was in full asshole mode again and crashed the stage when  Beck won Album of the Year (Beck???? really????).

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts as of late…The Projection Booth,Charred Remains,Stone Cold Steve Austin (he is a hoot to listen to) and Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show,which is also on YouTube. I saw that one of my favorite people in the world,funny lady/writer/actress Lisa Ann Walter was doing a guest spot on a podcast, The Kira Soltanovich Show. I promptly brought it up and laughed my ass off (you see what I did there) listening to Lisa Ann talk about her stand up routines,her great family,how men view women comics and how comics are viewed in general.

It was a very educating interview and if you take a listen,you will be quite entertained by something Lisa Ann showed Kira that will drive her male fans wild. The cheetah and I were looking at each and going “No way in hell did she just do that”.
Lisa Ann will be doing a guest blog in the near future and I can hardly wait. Also,Susan Smiley will also be back with a guest entry as well. Got some other nice surprises in the pipeline as well so I hope you stick around as I attempt to reboot my writing to a more productive rate.

Shout outs

Tom – I can never thank you enough for being such a class act. April is going to get here much too soon.
Joe Chapp – Always a pleasure to talk sports with you,you sure know your stuff!!! You almost make me want to root for the Lions in 2015….almost!
Char – Whatever I can do to promote your film festival,let me know. I have a couple of friends who have extensive knowledge on putting on said festivals.
Lisa Ann – I just know you are ready to write another book,time to get typing!!!
Mick Gray – Thank you for the kind words the other night,I think its time I start getting some music to review on here.
Mike White/Robert St. Mary – Guess who snagged the Tremors 4 pack after your podcast,on blu ray yet??? Can’t wait to revisit Perfection.
Monique/Sean Cain – Jurassic City is going to happen this week,I promise!! Glad to see its starting to get some fun reviews!  Still not showing the cheetah that one scene however…
Suzie81Blog – Thank you for your support!
Rachel Thompson – same here!
Melanie and Vaughn – praying for a speedy recovery!!
Doc and Betty – My thoughts are with you,I hope you get another medical dog very,very soon.


If you are on Twitter,feel free to follow me @Jinzo_2400


be safe!



6 thoughts on “Saying good-bye to a classy gentleman plus fun with podcasts

  1. I have had the same experience with Oakwood. They almost killed my son. If we wouldn’t have had him transferred to St. Joe I’m sure we would have had a bad outcome. I would NEVER go to Oakwood ever again!!!

    • Thank you sir….maybe we should talk about your RAK project. I know I owe you a Pink Hat Mission…I ended up helping another person with a urgent need after I committed to your request. Thank you for your kind comment!

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