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Repost: 10 April 2012: Victorious


Its 12:45 pmRemission. Has there been a sweeter word then remission to a cancer patient,their family and loved ones?
Well with tears in my eyes and heart I can answer that question….

oh hell no,there isn’t!

Remission…..the sound is so awesome to hear…..can’t say enough about the bravery and courage of Lori in overcoming the incredible odds against her….uterine cancer patients only have 35% chance of living 5 years once the cancer is discovered. Now we both know this isn’t quite over,for the next year we’ll be doing lab work and in 6 months we have to get another PET scan but the odds are now in our favor and we intend to keep them there.
Lori was saying how much the prayers and support really helped her and I couldn’t agree more. I told her she had no idea of just how many wonderful people were praying for her. And sending me encouraging letters and notes. I am so grateful to all….you have made this ordeal so much easier to cope with. Being able to blog here and let my fears and unknowns out in the wind was exactly what I needed.

We got to Ann Arbor at 11:30 am and went upstairs to our appointment. Now normally they do a exam first and then call me in but this time they gave us the results of the PET first. When told it was remission,we both sat there and said nothing for a minute. Lori started crying,I held her and then let Dr. Johnston get to work. I walked back out the waiting room. I said nothing nor showed any emotion as you are sitting among cancer patients who are still fighting and are not in remission. You want to stay respectful of your surroundings. So I read my Jason Bourne novel and waited for 25 minutes.
We then did some labwork and then had lunch at the Gandy Dancer. Now we have been to Ann Arbor countless times and have always had a running joke about eating at the Dancer. In the 13 years I have been here,we have yet to eat there….until yesterday.Yesterday was our day and so we went. Now Ann Arbor is a parking meter town,you want to park,you have to pay and that included the Gandy Dancer. We had no change so while I stayed with the car,Lori got change.
While I am standing there,a fat squirrel came down a hillside looking for food. He was very used to people and wasn’t scared of me that much. But I could see he was very much into crossing the busy road so I had to run some interference on him as to discourage him from doing so. I didn’t our celebration of life to have a sad ending of this cute furball getting squished .
Lunch was great….very elegant and refined. We had huge salads,homemade bread and rolls. Since the diner was next to a train track,we saw a Amtrak train come by with the driver and engineer waving at us.
After lunch we headed back home….enjoyed some coffee and watched American Pickers. All in all a perfect way to end a day blessed by God.
I noticed very little traffic to the interview I did with school teacher John Bond,I really hope you will take a minute and go back and read it. John is a very cool dude and is someone I think you all would like meeting.
I am hard at working at the next interview and hope will have the new one posted soon.

1:49 pm
5 April 15
Michael,so why is your insomnia acting up so badly?
Yours would too when you remember days like this….a small window when you really thought you had a chance to reclaim your life,to get your soulmate and move forward past this. Your heart both soars finally eating that celebration lunch at the Gandy Dancer,watching the trains roll by.
Enjoying Easter with each other with the promise of a new day ahead…..and flashing forward knowing the new Easter will be the last one for us. That things will have changed forever.

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