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Over a cup of (iced) coffee

It’s 1:59 pm

So…..if we were having a cup of coffee at a local Barnes and Nobles…we would be talking about this….



June is a big month at my job. Every year our company features a event called “Voice of the Associate” in which we as employees basically get to share our feeling about our store,management and company in general.
What makes this different then your typical survey is that the company takes the VOA very seriously,they read each one. Store management also takes it very seriously because for many,based on the VOA,their careers will either advance or in some cases,end,based on what is said about them.
Is it fair? Is it just? Does it help? I would be the wrong person to ask,I have seen the VOA make our store stronger but also has really weakened it as well. It makes for a roller coaster of a ride. The first two years I was on autopilot and filled it just to do it. I did support my store manager at the time however. I also covered myself as in lying about my job position,job department,if I worked full-time and my age. I was told to do that so the company wouldn’t come back on the employee.
Last year,I was honest and shared my feelings and I decided that is the only way I was going to operate. Since the company does listen (well,except for the pay and benefits) in some respects,why not be truthful,right?
Our store manager has shaken things up a lot the past 6 months,some changes have been great and some are a work in progress. The business has been pretty strong so far ,the changes seem to be working.
Of course we have some fun with it as well….Memorial Day is the biggest weekend of the year for sales,it a “all hands on deck” type of deal. The store generally feeds us two of the three days so folks don’t have to leave for lunch/dinner.
We always tease the management team of trying to bribe us before the VOA. It is always in fun and every year we all get a chuckle out of it.


I finished reading Sally Kellerman’s memoir this week,it wasn’t bad. She has led a interesting life with lots of ups and downs during her long career. She seems like a pretty sweet person who I think would have traded her acting career for a life in music.
Her creative passion definitely lies in singing,her story of going on the road with a band and a back up vocal group was eye opening as Sally had to pay for the tour. She lost her shirt but she kept of singing.
I have been a causal follower of Sally through the years,she always struck me as more striking then pretty but she was always good in whatever part she played. I picked this book up at Dollar Tree,while the book selection has been a wee bit lacking as of late,I was glad I found this memoir and recommend it for folks over 50 who remember Sally during her heyday.


I would share with you that I’m blocked right now in terms of writing. See,while it would easy to start write about politics,mass shootings and a 2 year old boy dying simply because his dad decided not to pay attention to the “Don’t Swim” signs in a alligator infested pond,I choose not to because I don’t like the toxic smell in my blog.
So it becomes that much harder to write because of my isolation. I am trying to figure out a way to break out of this but as now,I don’t really have a clue on how to do it.

I would mention that my fellow Musketeer Justin and I made our annual run to deliver 35 bags of mulch to a local elementary school for their Monarch butterfly garden/sanctuary.
It was our first Team Depot event since last year I believe and its already going to be July.
So while I hope we get more volunteer projects for us to work on,I signed on again with my city to be a volunteer. Once a year you have to redo your paperwork so the city can do a background check on you.
I was talking with the volunteer leader,Paula,about a nice article regarding  TEFAP,the city run food giveaway which has been going on since 2006. Lori and I were among the original group of volunteers and I really liked going to assist other folks. But life come a’knocking and after a year,we had to quit. I popped in for a few shifts here and there for the years to see who was still volunteering of the original group.
Quite a few still are and the article mentioned all the kind people who still show up and pack enough food to feed 85 families at the main pick up point and maybe another 40-60 seniors at a local complex.

While the numbers at the senior complex have stayed the same,for the 2nd year in a row,the amount of families seeking help has risen. Where as before I could point out a rugged economy,I can’t say that this year.
There are a LOT of jobs here in SE Michigan but the young people here don’t want them. The trend I started noticing where local contractors can’t find anyone to work has only gotten WORSE! These guys and gals who run these businesses aren’t offering chump change,they are offering good money and 40+ hours a week. While I can’t speak of if they are offering benefits,I can assure you many more established companies (like mine) aren’t offering 40 hours a week which means no benefits. But the jobs and the money are there right now. The willingness to learn a career isn’t. And a another recession will be coming soon enough and for me,I’ll be looking at people crying about lack of work with a new perspective…


How did I miss that Arena Football started? I am totally feeling like a non-fan when I went to ESPN3 on my computer to watch the Sugar Land Skeeters replay and noticed the AFL was on as well….and its 10 games into the season. I did watch quite a few of the games last year and was saddened to see the San Jose SaberCats,one of the most successful teams had folded after winning the championship last year.
What I liked about the SaberCats was the fact they either drafted or signed many former San Jose State players who ended up doing very well in the AFL.
I see the league is down to just 8 teams now,they are barely holding on,it’s great game to watch in person. I went to one SaberCat game when I lived in San Jose many years back. The fans feel they are right on top of the action…the sound of the game is pretty intense,you hear the tackling and the players barking at each other which can be pretty funny.
But with the complete lack of national coverage by ESPN,NBC and Fox Sports plus lack of local print coverage by newspapers have pushed the league to the brink. I hope it hangs on and on that note,I’m going to close this entry down….

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Shout Outs

Radha – thank you for this idea!

Donald – As I said,I’m very excited for you. This will actually give me my first glimpse
of hope in years.

Justin W. – Thanks for the invite to the Monarch run. We should actually meet up and go see them in action.

Cheryl – Thank you doesn’t begin to express how blessed I am with our friendship.

Romey – other then a bathtub,stay out the water down in Florida!

Stone – So grateful you were safe during that tragic event in Orlando. I knew you were out and about working and yeah,I was worried. We club folks always stick together!!

Penny aka The Prez – What a fun week,enjoyed it quite a bit. Like Romey says “We can do only what we can”. Right??

Sean C. – a Jurassic era cheetah could work!!! Have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch!

Monique P- Congratulations on winning your latest acting award! Hard work pays off!!

Brad B- Next time I complain about how bad the Yankees are,feel free to tell me to suck a lemon. We could always be worse… the Braves!!

Everyone who keeps on “Liking” and commenting here,THANK YOU!! Very cool to see someone drop a comment on my “Jurassic City” review this week…nothing warms a writer’s heart then knowing they are being read (and shared).







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    • I am just really tired of the usual “We stand with….” shit and the lowered flags. If we did that for every gun crime victim,our bloody and disgraceful colors would never be raised again. And yes,I did say “disgraceful”.

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