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13 Dec 10 (reposted)

It’s 10:00 am
   3 April 16.

This was my first real entry on FB.  Looking back and seeing what has changed and what really hasn’t. John Skelton was suspected of killing his 3 boys in Morenci,Mich. As of today,their bodies have yet to be found but Skelton was sentenced to 10-15 years for false imprisonment while the cops tried to find the 3 boys.
The Detroit 300 is still active but has been toned way down when several members of the group were looking for answers in the murder of Delric Miller,a 9 month baby killed by AK-47 gunfire in a gang related drive-by. They arranged to meet two women who were suspected of knowing who pulled the trigger. The two parties met at a garage at a local police station and things got emotional. Lawsuits were filed,claims of abuse were charged and as of today,Delric’s murder went unsolved. Of course it did,it’s Detroit….and anyone who tries to make a difference just gets grounded down after a while. But the 300 is still out there….
Unemployment is down….but so are wages and the willingness to work. When the recession hit,people were looking for any job they could get. Houses and lives were being destroyed by the greed of Wall Street and banks like Chase and Bank of America. Oh wait,they still are,aren’t they??
But people were trying to find jobs….where as in 2016 it seems people are not. I have mentioned that at my job,I help load local contractor’s supplies on their trucks and vans. Many come by theirselves and often need the help. I often ask if they have someone to help them offload at their job sites and I get a lot of arched eyebrows and snorts. They can’t find anyone willing to work.  Its not because the money isn’t there,it is..but the willingness to actually get their hands dirty or the fact they might not be able to check their phones every 2-3 minutes,I don’t understand the reasoning behind this. If the 15.00 an hour fast food slackers wanted a good job,there are a LOT of jobs in the construction/home improvement field. And I suspect a lot of them are paying those good wages as well.
And while we are expected to have snow in December,we now have a coating of snow here today as well! Last week saw us hit 70 degrees,get a couple of thunderstorms and now we have snow on the ground! Good ol’ Michigan!
     Speaking of Angelina Leigh,she has been living her own medical nightmare for several years. She started having major pain in her joints and neck which just crippled her in so many ways. She went to several doctors before being diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease and being treated for it. But the pain and body weakness never went away and she again went out looking for help. After a long journey,she was able to find out what was wrong…her neck was damaged because it couldn’t support the weight of her head. She literally had trouble lifting her head straight. She is now being helped by a good doctor in New York and will be having surgery to correct this life threatening injury.
As you can also see,this post also establishes the origin of Sockvember. Lori and I did the Advent Tree at St. Thomas a’Beckett’s during Christmas. Recalling this helped me decide to do Sockvember last year and this year as well.
   This post saw me also writing about Lori’s gall bladder surgery. Excuse while I vent a bit here…but this where Oakwood killed Lori. They never checked her for cancer,not ONCE despite her presenting the five symptoms of uterine cancer. They had her for 4 days and didn’t check her CA-130 once. They didn’t know what was wrong and told us that. It was only on the 3rd day that they decided it was her gall bladder and to remove it.
As I continue to move my old entries to this blog,you’ll come to see where our journey started going.
I still have Rusty,he is still sitting in my garage,he hasn’t been used in years and I think he will end up going as I start to declutter once again.
I was out of work when I wrote this and I will address that in future reposts.
13 Dec 10

 Its 1:14 pm

Listening to some Adison Skye and trying to figure what to write on here. Been wanting to blog for a while but everytime I settle in here,I freeze up and meander off.

  And its not of a lack of things to sprack about….the Metro Detroit area is NEVER quiet. We have a father who decided to kill his 3 boys during Thanksgiving and rip apart a small town in doing this….but he failed. He may have sent his boys to Heaven and punched his ticket to hell,but he also caused hundreds of strangers to bond together to find these boys,to unite against an unspeakable evil that has happened here.

Or when an 87 year old woman was attacked by two thugs in Detroit,a new band of Spartans arose to take on these lowlifes. The Detroit 300,a community activist group credited with catching 2 rapists already,are scouring the city looking to end this preying on its citizens. Finally,finally….the city is waking up and saying “no more!” to the increase in violence. Not to say its perfect as Detroit still remains the most dangerous city in my opinion. And if you are going to try and get gas,rethink that because every gas station has become a battleground and it seems someone is dying every week just trying to get gas. Maybe the 300 can assign a small group of citizens to help out….the increase in violence is not unexpected as anyone who thinks this recession is over must be living on Wall Street. Because its over here….all we’re seeing is more and more people finding jobs that are paying less and less….basically a slower death by debt. The average American household has seen a 21% decrease in income since Bush stole the White House in 2000.

The national unemployment rate is back at 9.8 % and this is even before companies shed thier Christmas help in January. And with the Republicans in power,you can rest assured that social services will be among the first cut in 2011.


We have our first major snowfall of the season….about 6 inches of snow and when you factor in the windchill,sub-zero temps. The snow is heavy,not the fluffy stuff we normally get. Talking to actress Angelina Leigh who lives in Buffalo and who witnessed the 20 hour shut down on the freeways there,trapping people in thier cars. She said she saw the cops zip about on snowmobiles putting gas in cars and handing out food and water. That happens when you socked with 3-5 feet of snow fairly quickly.

Tried to break out “Rusty” our old snowblower we got of E-Bay a couple of years ago…ol Rusty was game but outmatched by the snow,it was too muuch for him to throw,but he did some great toostie rolls of snow. So I finished up with my trusty shovel,it wasn’t too bad…

But today is a day NOT to be venturing out. Its just too cold and being exposed to this cold can be fatal.

Local journalist Roop Raj got a tip last week about some dogs being left out in the cold weather,he and his crew went to Pontiac to cover the story,two pit bulls chained outside by a ignorant POS. The cops were called but dwaddled around getting to the house….by which that time the dogs were moved. When will the cops equate animal abuse with child abuse? Such a short step up from letting a dog freeze to death to hurting a child. Now both dogs have zero chances of even getting a home.

Been doing my Christmas shopping…….we did the Advent Tree at St. Thomas a’Becket’s again this year. Last year we drew a young man who needed XXXL clothing which is very hard to come by. But we made it work and made a great gift package for the man. This year we drew a woman and a man. I tell you, we love to give so much more then getting (unless its a job,then I’ll be happy to get one!). The feeling inside knowing you are brightening up someone’s Christmas or when I am volunteering at the food bank..knowing someone is going to eat,does a lot to restore my humanity.

Because this year,I am struggling very hard with my depression…I feel very sad that I’m still not working despite putting in hundreds of resumes and going on interviews. My wife is doing everything on her shoulders and its not fair. Rushing back to work after gall bladder surgery in 10 days instead of 21 days because we can’t afford her to get half pay and make it.  Her incisions haven’t even healed 100% as of yet. Yet I am home still trying to find a half-way decent job that will allow me to pull my weight.  How families struggle w/less is almost beyond thinking about…

Well that is it for this re-blogged entry,if you made it this far….thank you for reading.

If you are on Twitter….feel free to follow me @Jinzo_2400

Shout outs:

Brad and Michelle – Happy 12th Anniversary!!
Kim Poirier – Congratulations on your wonderful news. We wish you a most safe and healthy pregnancy!
Trish,Radha and Donald – Hugs to us all.
Jyl – Feel better soon…hoping that your doctors will move quickly and get you feeling better soon.
Stikmon – Love you brother. One day at a time,savor each moment and make some music!
Peter Kearns – I was remiss in thanking you for a great interview,looking forward to watching “Simon” this week.
Janet Van Gorden- Poetry? I don’t know,I think it all would look like something Poe would have written.
Denise Vasquez – Thank you for making me laugh through out the week. What a priceless gift.
Spotify – So happy I have discovered you! Nothing like writing to the amazing Amanda Palmer.
Romey – Stay away from the bin… least until Friday!
Angelina – Wishing you the very best on your upcoming surgery.




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