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2nd Annual Sockvember Drive

It’s 9:09 am

Looking outside at a bit of fog outside. I can hear a lawnmower in the distance and I bet this guy’s neighbors are not the happiest right now. 10 am on a weekend is the right time that you can fire up a lawnmower,9 am on the weekdays. I never cut my grass until after 10 am on any day and if I know a neighbor works a overnight shift,I wait til the afternoon as a courtesy to them…
The cheetah is downstairs looking outside,the birds are very active at ground level so he likes to stay in his perch and watch the world.

It’s that time of year again….our 2nd Annual Sockvember Drive!! Last year was so amazing as a pure grassroots effort paid off in gathering 940 pairs of warm socks for the less fortunate in the greater Metro Detroit Area.
Sockvember started for me as a way of honoring  my wife,Lori Ann,who passed away on 20 May 13 of uterine cancer.I reached out to friends,family and strangers….two businesses even joined in as official “coffee of Sockvember” and “pizza of Sockvember”.
Socks came from Canada,Australia and China….940 pairs worth. My friend Susan drove with me when we donated the socks to St. Thomas a’Beckett,the church worker was a bit taken back at the sudden influx of socks….

Last year I asked for folks to psychically send me socks instead of money,checks or gift cards because I wanted everyone to see what the actual gathering looked like. And while it was AMAZING,I was not prepared for the added costs to good hearted people to actually send them through the mail.
So this year I am going to add options….that anyone who wants to donate can do so by gift cards. I have four major stores within my area that are national….Walmart,Target,Kohl’s and JC Penney. We also have a regional chain called Meijers that also sells clothing. Kohl’s is the most expensive so I’m not encouraging them as a place to to consider.
So gift cards are a new option…….but I don’t want checks or cash. I just want socks. The official start of the drive is 1 Nov but if you are inclined to send now,I am grateful if you do.

To those who donated last year and may have kept my address,it is still the same one.
I will post my address here next week as I continue to start the ball of socks rolling.

If anyone has questions or concerns,please email me here

The church we will be helping this year is Our Lady of Victory in Northville. This is where Lori and I were married in 2004.


Thank you so much.



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