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8 Questions with….artist Angela L.

It is 8:09 pm

Welcome to  another edition of “8 Questions With…..”.

After interviewing a trio of excellent British actors,I decided to come back stateside for my next interview. Not only did I come back to the United States but I went even further and decided to ask one of my co-workers at job to talk  with me.
Angela and I first talked about music and the different bands and singers we each liked. Then we started talking women’s soccer and I found out how passionate and extremely knowledge Angela was in sharing her love for the game. I felt I was talking to a female version of myself talking about the Yankees or San Jose State.
When she went to Florida to watch the national team play,I knew she was a real die hard fan. When she lit up Hope Solo for being an ass and questioned her style of play,I was impressed.
When Angela started doing some art for her family and some of our coworkers,I started thinking she would be a perfect interview subject. I think she is very talented and has a bright future in creating her art and I think after seeing her work,you’ll agree with me.

So lets get this 8 Questions with…..going,shall we?






Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Angela. I’m 27 years old, and have been spray painting portraits and things alike for almost 2 years now.


How old were you when you discovered art as a whole?

My family is very artistic. When I was younger I didn’t really have a knack for it. My dad loves to draw and make pyro-graphic art (woodburn). My mom loves to scrapbook and does all sorts of crafts. I tried my hardest to learn how to draw but could never really catch on, so I stuck to needlepoint crafts and photography as my main focus in art. My siblings (of course) naturally can draw (laughs).


Why pop art?

It actually all started because I wanted to make (paint) my godson a picture of Spider-man. So I ended up meshing a spray painted background with a hand painted character. After that, I ended up wanting to see what kind of art people made for a band I like, to hang up in my own room. Which is where I came across pop art, I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult to do, because you use a photo shop program to help convert the images. My very first photo I tried to paint I did a decent job, HOWEVER, I reversed the layers of colors (by accident) so it didn’t end up looking quite right. It wasn’t horrible, but good thing it was for a family member.


Who is your biggest influence?

I really don’t have an “art inspired” influence. My mom & aunt would be probably my top personal influences, as my aunt is very hands on and I can count on her for the technical aspects of things, and my mom is there to support me when/if I happen to mess something up. I think my biggest influence outside of that is music. Depending on what I’m listening to can affect what I may come up with for an idea or how to execute an idea. I also look to YouTube or Pinterest for ideas or inspiration.



Where do you do your work?

Depending on the weather I mainly work in the breezeway of my house (it has the best ventilation), or the garage. I try to work outdoors as well but depending on the weather, it can really affect the outcome of my work.


Does mood play into when you create?

It can, especially now that I am learning how to speed spray paint. Portraits are repetitious, so nothing can really alter that. The new artwork I do however does require speed, accuracy, and quick decisions. Because it’s much harder to fix something being that the paint is still wet.


What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you?

I would say challenges. Life has so many ups and downs that when/if you make a mistake, you know you are at least trying. I am very competitive, BUT I can also be quite the procrastinator, and if I am on a deadline with a project it can inspire me to no end, or tear me apart. Because there are a million (slight exaggeration) different ideas deriving in my brain, but they don’t always pan out, so you learn from your mistakes.


Where do you feel art is going as a whole?

Art will be forever expanding. People create different forms of art every day. There’s not something in this world that hasn’t been painted, cut, burned, or deformed just for the sake of art. Last year, I actually made jewelry out of old vinyl records I purchased at a thrift store! I actually have a few left over and I am planning on painting musical artists on them next. It really seems never ending.


Is art still a vital medium in the digital age?

Absolutely. We rely so much on the both of them that they come hand in hand nowadays.

What is the role of the artist in society?

I think an artist can be also known as an undercover psychologist, in my opinion. Because people need art in their lives to help keep them sane, whether its music, a book, or an inspirational painting you saw that you want to keep in your room. It soothes the soul, it can affect your emotions, it can be terribly upsetting, or the prettiest thing you have ever seen.

What technique do you use?

I really don’t have a set technique that I use. I ALWAYS try to plan out how I want to make the art look prior to executing it. Or if I have certain style I want to try, I make sure I research it prior to attempting it.

Which is more important to you, the subject of your painting, or the way it is executed?

That depends on the type of painting I am trying to do. If it’s my own, it would have to be the way it’s executed. If it’s a portrait for a client then my absolute focus is on the subject of the painting. I ALWAYS bounce my ideas off clients before I start a painting. That is unless they give me free reign.

Do you prefer a perfect smooth technique or a more energetic expressive technique and why?

I like to be able to move around a bit. But again it depends on the type of image I am trying to produce, a portrait of someone is going to have a much smoother outcome, than say a galaxy painting because I can go absolutely crazy with those and not have to worry about messing anything up.

Where does your inspiration come from when you are painting?

I like to look at all the aspects or opportunities I have with each painting and kind of mesh it together.


Does any of your painting have a deeper meaning?

I am working on (what’s hoping to be) a 3 piece canvas project for myself. I love soccer, and there is a player on the national team that puts her heart & soul into not only the teams she is on, but also into a self-help organization named TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms). She is such an inspiration to a lot of people, because she is real, she understands the struggle that life is, and she wants to help make a difference. This 3 piece is going to intertwine twloha, Ashlyn Harris (the soccer player referenced above) and a whole lot of emotions that I have been going through personally. I also like to believe the galaxy paintings I do have a deeper meaning as I get to create my own world (or aspect of) which it pretty awesome.


How do you feel when you are letting your emotions loose on the canvas?

It’s an awesome feeling when a client lets me freehand their project, I feel like I can let loose the stress I have, or ball of energy, or whatever it may be. Portraits require more of a stencil so I am kind of contained with my ability to “let loose” so to speak.


What three artists move you the most,brings out the creativeness in you?

Ironically they are all musical artists (because I can jam out during a painting session and depending on the music I play can alter the outcome of the painting). 1. Amy Lee (from Evanescence) 2. Abisha Uhl (from Sick of Sarah) and 3. It’s a tie between Gavin Rossdale (of Bush) and Matthew Healy (from The 1975). If I had to choose an “artist”,I have always like Van Gogh’s art, as well as Andy Warhol.

Walk us through a day where you are painting,what is it like,do you have a set routine or is it go where the can/brush/canvas takes you?

If I am doing a portrait, it can literally take between 6-12 hours to do depending on how extensive it is. It can also take an additional 2 hours trying to convert the photo in photo shop to make sure it can work on the canvas. I always try have the stencils precut per layer that needs to be done. Once they are done, I use painter’s tape to fine tune the inside parts of the person’s face in the portrait. Once the layers start to go on, I give them a 2 hour window to dry between layers, because they do have a potential to crack otherwise. When doing a speed painting, I plan ahead by placing pieces where I think they will end up on the board, and build my idea from that.

If you like the art pieces you have seen and would like to commission Angela to create a unique one of a kind work for you,you can email her at JLA198833.

If you are on Twitter,consider following me @Jinzo_2400

Feedback and comments are most welcomed. Thank you for reading my blog.

4 thoughts on “8 Questions with….artist Angela L.

  1. I enjoy seeing this type of art as I can not do it at all. But I have to admit, the piece I enjoyed the most (besides seeing how some of the photographs were turned into pieces of art) was the photograph of the artist herself with the reflection in the sunglasses.

    • I agree,Alana…..that was a great shot. Angela is a pretty woman with a great smile….and my favorite piece was the one I used as the featured picture for our interview…but I think they are all pretty cool….

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