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Have Cheetah,Will Review #21 “Last Man Standing” (2011)

It’s 2:03 pm

So my local Family Video had a recent 10 for 10 sale. You buy 10 DVDs marked from from 1.99 and you get them for 10.00. It’s a great way to discover a lot of hidden gems or in many cases,some really bad movies that leaves you shaking your head and mad that you overpaid for such bad movies.

Like I have written before,I am not picky,I will watch just about anything. Some movies we’ll watch all the way through,some become background noise while I do chores,read a book or cut coupons. I do try and pick films with someone I know in it,it doesn’t mean they are any good and far too often you’ll get suckered in because you see a “name” star and think it will be decent,trust me,it ain’t always the case!

Because the home viewing market is so vast,Hollywood needs a lot of fresh product to keep the public happy. Tons of new,straight to video releases flood the stores on most Tuesdays and some studios will include TV movies in these releases. They figure if you watched it on cable,you’ll buy it at the local store.


“Last Man Standing” is a movie that played on Lifetime that was a film especially made with Catherine Bell in mind as she was then was starring in “Army Wives” .

The film has Bell playing Abby Collins,a happily married wife and mother. Life is great until she gets a mysterious letter sent by a former colleague,Samuel Pratt, who unexpectedly dies soon after.
This triggers memories in Abby of her Army service in Iraq in which she served as force protection for high valued assets. On a mission to protect a leading scientist and his family,something goes terribly resulting in the death of the family and Abby barely escaping with her life thanks to Pratt.

As Abby struggles with this,she later meets up with her other teammate,Jeremy Sanders (Mekhi Phifer) at the funeral and they catch up on old times. Abby is puzzled by the death of Sanders because he was a very successful businessman.
But when her husband is suddenly kidnapped and Abby is given 24 hours to recover some files,all bets are off as Abby will do anything to save her family. The odds are against her but with Jeremy’s help,will Abby pull off the rescue and get the people behind this?


First off,I have been a Catherine Bell since “JAG”. I like her acting and her choices. Despite having one of Hollywood’s best figures,she has never used her body as a asset. She seems to pick good solid roles that showcase her character’s smarts and sense of family.
She uses that here as her Abby,while warm,has always retained her military mindset. So when her husband does go missing,her Abby doesn’t panic but retains control. She isn’t a superhero,as the clock winds down,you can see her tension in Bell’s face and actions.
While the budget isn’t the biggest,having a kick ass director like Ernest Dickerson sure does. Dickerson,who helped introduce the world to Tupac in both writing and directing “Juice”,has blazed a most impressive resume since then with over 60 TV and film projects.
His sure hand elevates what could have been a routine TV film into a exciting and suspenseful ride. There are some problems in terms of plot and the under use of Anthony Michael Hall as Abby’s husband.
The support by Mekhi Phifer is solid as always. His work is dependable and he makes whatever movie or TV show all the much better for it.

So all in all,the cheetah and I really liked this movie. It’s suitable for young teens and up. There is violence but it isn’t graphic. This is a film worth checking out…






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