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Over a cup of coffee

It’s 1:08 pm

If you and I were meeting over a cuppa of coffee…

I would start off with getting a huge cup of iced coffee as usual. And maybe a oatmeal raisin cookie. I would comment I hope you like the Gershwin that I have playing in background.

It has been another nice week here in SE Michigan,we got a little rain in my area while other suburbs got more then we did. Just about everyday the local news says we could get a thunderstorm but we don’t. The temps have been in the lower 90s but not overwhelming hot. Of course our lawns might want to argue with me on this point….
I mentioned in my last blog that my neighbors Justin and Erica are moving and today I learned that the folks across the street,Simon and Cindy are also moving,they are getting ready to stage their house for sale.

I had thought they were just deep cleaning based on the trash they were setting out but nope,they are getting ready to go…I will really miss them,we got to see their boys grow up to be fine young men and they will go on to do great things.
So now I’m looking at two new families and in two years,Marlene is will be moving to Saline once her son finishes high school.
Speaking of houses,since we had zero rain really,I haven’t had to cut my grass in two weeks. I decided to address the erosion problem I noticed in the front of the house. I bought 500 pounds of dirt,about 120 pounds of rock and 5 bags of red mulch.

The cheetah sat in the windowsill and supervised my work as I raked and then spread out the fresh dirt,rock and mulch. The section looks pretty good now and I need to address the other messes in my yard.
I walked behind the house and was both amazed and appalled by what I saw in my backyard. The daisies that we planted when we moved have just exploded in record style….they covered up the flowerbed where I buried Ginger and Derek Jeter at. But on the downside is the fact my weeds also blew up and have threaten to overwhelm my flower beds and my deck.
Of course with my neighbors trying to sell their house,the last thing we both want to see is my weeds racing towards the bright blue sky.
So I went out and nuked 80% of them in one fell swoop….going to have to cut down the rest and then hit with some Ground Clear. Not really my first choice but they need to be corralled,right?

red flag
So recently I had been talking to nice lady online. We started slow and took our time in talking. She respected my space right away in regards of just being friends.  She also understood when I declined her first invitation to meet as July isn’t a good month for me as of yet. It’s getting better but I am still staying low and quiet during this time.
We continue to talk and I asked her if she was going to a local art fair that was happening. It was more or less a “so what are you doing this weekend” question. She came back with asking me if I wanted to go. I thought about it and decided to venture out.
We exchanged phone numbers and arranged to set it up. All is good….until we talked.
We started talking about Dallas and the killing of the cops and the former US.Army soldier who killed them.
The more we talked,the less I was inclined to go anywhere with her,so when she called back later I just let it go…my toxic barrier was in play,not saying she was a bad person,in fact she does seem like a nice person who has had some nasty luck herself to overcome. I still like her but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.
As she just recently found out I blogged,there is a chance she will read this….which is why I am not going into details,she’ll know who she is if she reads this.
I had told a few of my friends that I was actually going out with a new friend and come the following week when I told them I had backed out because of a moral/political issue,half of them said I should have taken the chance and not let the issue come between us. But others know what the issue means to me on a personal level and said I did the right thing.Why put yourself in a situation that could only turn into a bit of a furball.
But the weekend wasn’t a total loss as I got to walk with my friend Sharon who is celebrating the birth of her second granddaughter. I feel pretty comfortable around her and I feel we can talk about everything.
The park we walk at has a small man-made lake and the main pathway circles it so you get a good has gentle slopes and curves. More often or not you’ll cross the same people who are walking the other way a couple times. Sharon brings her older granddaughter with her when we walk and so on this day as we were walking,a woman kept trying to engage her as we crossed paths with her,3 times she tried but the little one kept quiet…UNTIL that woman passed,then she would chatter away and to other people.
But just not to that woman,it wasn’t like the woman was strange or anything but her granddaughter was just not having it.
We saw a lot of different type of birds this time as we walked…the usual ducks were there but we also saw a beautiful crane as well…the water level was visibly lower and we saw a nice sized fish but it was dead..I was a little surprised that fish that big were living in this little lake.
One more tale…..


A few months ago we had a small power outage in the morning and because I couldn’t open my garage and had no cell phone,I was a late to work by six minutes…I tried telling my manager it was a act of God but he wouldn’t excuse it.
Well this week it happened again…I was woke up by my CPAP machine not working and as I sat up,I knew we had a outage. Not wanting a repeat of earlier I decided to get reading for the day and then ask my neighbor for a ride to work and I could walk home afterwards.
I get up and get ready,shower,dressed,cheetah treats and lunch. I have no idea of what time it is but it looks like its getting lighter outside and I don’t want to miss my neighbor.
I grab a flashlight and head out to the Rodger Young to get the exact time…..when I saw 2:05 am,I shook my head and went back in….I stayed up until the power came back on at 4 am…..I was afraid of oversleeping again!

Well,that will end this entry for today.

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Shout Outs

Karen Dumas – absolutely loving the radio show!! I am in the middle of catching up
with your past broadcasts!
Sharon – Thanks for the nice walk,we need to do it again when the temps are back in the 70s!!
Lydia C. – Happy birthday!!
Romey – Pretty much what I expected watching Superman V Batman….but will say this,Zach Snyder loves strong women characters..Gal Gadot is the best thing in the movie.
Sharon Spink- congrats on winning your acting award,looks like I caught you at the right moment in your career!
Cheryl – Thank you for your friendship and helping me run my errands.
Rob Wolchek – Will be happy to help promote your new YouTube channel
Cezanne – just because
Mary Denise – love you




6 thoughts on “Over a cup of coffee

    • Agreed…I liked Erica and Justin but we never really connected,they moved in during my wife’s last month alive and I really have withdrawn since she passed…I will try and be a better neighbor with the new folks…

  1. I do hope you step out of your cocoon. You have a lot to offer someone.
    Maybe you’ll get some nice new neighbors

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