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Round Four (Reposted from 15 and 22 July 11).

19 July 16
11:05 pm

I am having so much trouble finding the energy to write this week. Everything I put down seems hollow and empty,I am just not liking what I have written. This week may have a huge part of it as it’s Lori’s birthday week,her birthday is 25 July.
I decided to go back into the blog archives and post this from 2011.
Lori was getting her 4th Cisplatin chemo treatment at the U of Michigan infusion clinic that is across the street from us.
Her three angels were there doing their best to keep us both going. Looking back at where we were,when we still had hope for a miracle.

Round Four…..(a Update) and other stuff.

Its  12:58 pm

Its a beautiful day in SE Michigan. Fluffy clouds and a hint of a breeze.  Mr. 3000 is sleeping on the couch with one paw covering his face and the other one curled up.

First off,I like to say “Happy Birthday” to my fellow fanboy fanatic Matt. I hope its a great day and you have a lot fun with your friends and family.

Its been a busy week here….I got word that I have made the next round in my quest to work for the Department of Homeland Security. Now I am waiting for the next phase which I hope won’t be too long as I am about to become a 99er.

Pretty saddened by that on one hand yet blessed in another. I am glad I am home and able to take care of my wife  during her cancer fight.

And speaking of that….we are heading into her 4th treatment next week,we’re halfway home to remission! And quite amazingly,her hair is growing back…we were not expecting that until after the last chemo in September. So we are taking this as a positive sign that her body is kicking ass and getting rid of the cancer.

Spirits are very high,perhaps the best since we learned about her illness. I think anyone who has had cancer can relate in the fact that you DO look forward to the chemo because the discomfort you feel during treatment is small compared to being declared cancer free afterwards!

But the news isn’t all good….her Aunt Jo is now at Henry Ford Hospital. She has a case of pneumonia which she developed at the nursing home she was at. While at first glance really would scare you,talking with her is a different case. Her will is still mighty and she is still very much able and willing to do her rehab at 94 for her broken pelvis. She is worried that she will fall behind and wanted to to try and walk a bit.  We know she is thinking about the end because for one thing she and I barely talked about baseball and when she mentioned to Lori about “her affairs in order”. It was then I excused myself because these are very personal issues and none of my business. I went downstairs and got a small cup of coffee and waited.

After an hour,Lori came down and we left. We really don’t know which way this will swing,but at 94,the odds are not the best for a happy ending. So please keep our aunt in your prayers as well.

Got to speak to my friend Michelle in Minot,North Dakota. And yes,her house was indeed one of the ones that got hit by the flood. Being a mere 3 blocks from the Mouse River pretty much ensured this. But in talking to her,she and her remarkable husband Bradley,are really doing quite well despite this. I am so impressed by how strong they are and when I mentioned how sorry I was to hearing about thier home,she saiid that what they were going was nothing compared to Lori and I. And that really choked me up….but that’s Bradley and her. Always thinking about others….and while I haven’t had the honor of meeting him as of yet,I am so happy they found each other. And when I asked what was the worst of this ordeal,Michelle said that was the fact their kitty has to stay with her mom….35 miles away. But they drop by every day to visit after work. Now thats one stong bond! Can I get a “Amen,brother” to that???

I have to once again to say thanks to fellow Inner Circle members Hat,Stone,Will,Renee and Brad for either posting stories,blogs or comments. I love the interaction and civil discussions on a range of subjects. I encourage anyone who has to something to say or a interesting story to post in the group and feel free to invite your friends.

Google+….has anyone joined? I got a invite but haven’t activated it as of yet. I think FB is pretty much all I can deal with for right now….

I just posted this on my status but thought I would repost it here:


“Nixon raised the debt ceiling 9 times for a total increase of 36%.

Ford raised the debt ceiling 5 times for a total increase of 41%.

Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times for a total increase of 199%.

George H.W. Bush raised the debt ceiling 9 times for a total increase of 48%.

George W. Bush raised the debt ceiling 7 times for a total increase of 90%.

That was Ok. They were white republicans”. ~Tiki Sparks

Too rich……

And lastly….caught this in The Week:

“Lucky duckies” That,said former Reagan Administration offical Bruce Bartlett,is what (Murdoch owned) The Wall Street Journal snidely calls low and middle income Americans who pay no federal income taxes. It would be unfair,some argue,to raise taxes on the wealthy,since 46%  of the tax filers do not share the burden of running the country. But the poor aren’t the only “lucky duckies”. New data shows 78,000 households with incomes of 211,000 to 533,000 will not pay a dime in federal taxes this year. Another 24,000 filers with incomes of 533,000 to 2.2 million will also pay zero.  And yet another 3,000 with incomes of over 2.2 million also will pay zero…How can this be? Our tax code is rife with tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthy; many,for example,erase thier liability by deducting past capitol -gains losses from this year’s income. And that doesn’t include illegal tax evasion, “which is quite extensive” among the self-employed. In the current,bitter debate over raising taxes,perhaps we can agree at least on closing loopholes for wage earners at the very top. “It’s not socialism to ask them to pay SOMETHING”.



Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with a update next week.

Its 1:08 pm
22 July 11

Its 94 degrees today here in Michigan,we are officially in a heatwave,yesterday topped out at 102 in Canton,with the heat index making it seem like 112. Needless to say,we didn’t venture out much.


Lori’s 4th round of chemo was Tuesday. It wasn’t as smooth as before as the nurse had problems acessing her port. Before they start the chemo,they must make sure they get a blood flow first so they know the meds are in the vein. You can’t risk any mistakes here because you can suffer major vein/tissue damage if the chemo isn’t pushed properly.Since they had trouble with the port,they injected halprin into her port to ensure a good infusion. This put the chemo time back about 30 minutes but we kept busy chatting and working on a coupon book.   Once the treatment started,it was smooth sailing,Lori got a bit cold so I got her a heated blanket. Once that was on,she fell to sleep right away. The infusion center was quite full with patients and all the nurses were busy.   One of the RNs went to the front desk and commented one of her patients had a elevated heart beat. A couple of calls later and the fire department showed up…a full paramedic squad with a stretcher and an engine company to help transfer her out to a local ER.  It was pretty strange to see that in the middle of a medical complex.  The rest of the treatment went fine and we said good-bye to our nurse and said we would be back on Thursday for hydration.    Rest of the day was quiet and Lori rested.

So Borders bookstores are history. 40 years and now they are gone. One of the stores with about a mile and a half away from our house. This is where I escaped once or twice a month to relax and read zines like Fangoria,Air Force Monthly or look for Christmas,birthday gifts for my friends and family. While I personally liked Barnes and Noble more because I always think thier customer service is so much better,I did enjoy the selection at Borders.           The reasons that are given for the closure of Borders are many….but I do think it was a combination of high prices and the fact that reading just isn’t done as much anymore. People are texting,playing apps in places where one would expect to see reading done at. In fact,I am the only one I see reading a novel when I’m at Lori’s doctor’s appointments or chemo. I kid you not….why do you think libraries are slowly being phased out? Between the outdated books and the fact people are reading less and less. Sort of the same reason CD sales are vanishing a faster then expected clip.    400 bookstores are going away along with about 11,000 jobs. This is not looking good….and even our local news actually commented on 3 more companies that battling for survival,something they have never really reported on before.

The Thunder over Michigan air show is this weekend….and once again the Blue Angels are special guests. What is very cool is watching them practice right over our house. The planes are so fast and loud because they are flying pretty low. My neighbor’s come out of thier homes and we all looked to the sky and watched as three F-18 Hornets scream above our head.  We’ll be heading over Sunday morning to check out the show. There is a nice little area a quarter mile from the entrance where folks set up chairs to watch.

And I have officially HAVE become a 99er this week. Its a pretty awful feeling….right before my wife’s birthday on Monday. But I know I’m not alone….a Big Lot’s opened a new store in Cadillac,Michigan. It had 44 job openings….and 1,100 showed up to apply for them.   One day at a time,right?


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