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I Sing – “The Cure For the Pain”

It is 9:06 pm

In creating my music playlist on Spotify,I started looking up the artists that mean so much to Lori and myself. In doing so,I looked up Gretchen Peters pretty quickly. As some of you already know,Gretchen is a tremendous favorite of mine and has been for many,many years.I have already covered one Gretchen’s most well known songs.. I Sing -“Independence Day”.
As I listened to “The Cure for the Pain”,I found myself weeping because Gretchen  gets what folks like myself go through.  Sitting in the hospital on each visit,knowing in our hearts that this might not turn out well for Lori,fighting so hard for each fucking inch and losing it daily,going to bed holding each other as close as we could.
Walking in the darkness that has been my life is hard to explain,you grasp at memories while forgetting the human touch you had. The more you forget this aspect the sharper the pain gets. It becomes part of everyday life. A friend was surprised when I explained how I feel pain everyday and that on more days then not,it is that pain that keeps me alive one more day.
    I think Gretchen captures this….the album “Blackbirds” is just an awesome album that speaks to our mortality. I know it spoke to me….

Gretchen’s songwriting which as always been excellent has only gotten so much better and in my opinion,she is only behind Dave Alvin in terms of penning a lyric.

Here are the lyrics to “The Cure For the Pain” and also the video for it.
Damn this lump in my throat
Damn this hole in my coat
Damn this rain that just won’t quit
Damn the sorry waste of it
Damn the truth, and damn these lies
Damn that look behind your eyes
Damn this day, damn this night
Goddamn this losing fight

There ain’t no boat, there ain’t no train
To take us back the way we came
Ain’t no shelter from this hard rain
The cure for the pain is the pain
The cure for the pain is the pain

It’s not like you think it’s gonna be
Not like the movies that you see
Ain’t no soaring violins
Just machines and medicines
So bless these pills, bless these sheets
Bless this food that you can’t eat
Bless the damned who walk these halls
And God have mercy on us all

There ain’t no drug, there ain’t no cure
To make it like it was before
Ain’t no shelter from this hard rain
The cure for the pain is the pain
The cure for the pain is the pain


You can visit Gretchen at her website by clicking here and follow her on Twitter by going here.

Thank you for reading.

And thank you Gretchen….


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