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Grey is the day of every day I wake up

The thought of going through another long day/night with out to

share the joy and vibrancy of what was

Your beauty and kindness lit of the sky with all the colors of creation

and you burned brightly

that even God Himself was moved to take you back.

But the ashes left behind did he not care what destruction he wrought?

I need your color back in my life and soon,I will.

I am tired of feeling grey and washed out.


Michael Sullivan
1 June16

6 thoughts on “Color

  1. As usual I enjoy your style of poetry. I’m sad for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping tomorrow brings a little ray of sunshine.

  2. In June of this year will have been the 64th birthday and the 44th wedding anniversary of a dear friend, taken by cancer last year. June 1 was my wedding anniversary. We (we are still married) were married in her apartment. Now, her husband carries on without her. He spends a lot of time on Facebook administering a group and working through what has happened. I feel your pain today; I will hope that it diminishes with time.

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