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Have Cheetah,Will Review #18 – “Queen of the Amazons”

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One of the  things about having a extremely tight budget in terms of DVDs is the fact you’ll find yourself watching movies you never would have normally.
When you’re in a Best Buy or a Wal-Mart,you sometimes see various movie collections put out by Echo Bridge or Mill Creek. These are often forgotten movies that have entered into the public domain,that is no one owns the rights to them anyone and any company can release them if they can secure a master. Often the masters are lost or damaged so they will get a already released copy and then transfer that copy on their own DVDs and you have a “new” collection.
I have bought a few of these collections,the Andy Sidaris “Bullets,Bombs and Babes” collection,various horror and detective collections as well. Most collections run between 4 to 20 movies and the quality is extremely shaky.
One of the collections I took a chance on,was a collection from Mill Creek called “Dawn of the Immortals” which has 11 movies that have swords and sandals epics mostly from Italy released during the 1960s. And one film from 1947 about an engaged woman looking for her fiance who vanished in Africa.


This is “Queen of the Amazons” which was directed by Edward Finney and was released in 1947. This film only ran for 61 minutes and uses stock footage from various other movies to get that length.
The story is muddled and full of cliches,a dashing guide who has no use for women…well until the heroine impresses him with some sharpshooting. Comic relief is provided by the chef and his pet monkey.
The story has Jean Preston (Patricia Morison) looking her fiance after his entire safari vanishes. She has some company,Wayne (Keith Richards) who loves Jean as well and isn’t happy she is looking for her lost love. She is joined by Col. Jones and the Professor (and the rest!).
It seems like Jean’s boyfriend,Greg Jones,was on a secret mission to bust a ring of ivory poachers when his entire safari vanished,perhaps done in by a white woman who wields mighty voodoo magic! Could she be the mastermind behind the poaching ring?
Guide Gary Lambert is enlisted to help Jean,he feels women have no place on safaris,that is until Jean shows off her shooting prowess. Duly impressed,Gary hires his old friend Gabby to cook for the upcoming trek deep into the jungle. Who will make it back alive?
What other shocks and twists will happen while tracking the Queen of the Amazons?


Despite the short running time and stock scenes lifted from other movies,this one does have charm and a very clever twist at the end which neither Paladin and I saw coming which lifted this D-lister to a solid B movie.
The cast does struggle mightily with a ham handed script but they do their best to carry on. The stereotypes run wild in this movie,the African tribesmen are called “boys” and “savages”. The chief speaks more like a Native American then a African chieftain.
The footage of men being attacked by tigers,lions and yes,even a cheetah,is pretty convincing ,especially for 1947!!

Below is a link where you can watch the movie for free….



Despite being only a hour long with many flaws,”Queen of the Amazons”was enjoyed by the cheetah and myself. A thumb and a paw up!!!

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2 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will Review #18 – “Queen of the Amazons”

  1. My mom had this movie in her video collection. I remember watching it more than once. Enjoyed your review

    • Sort of amazing on how these old B&W movies were staples on TV when you and I were growing up. But other then a extremely rare showing on TCM,they are never shown today.

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