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Water and Options

Ever see a big wave of water coming at you

as you see it building and rising,you are faced with

two options

swim above it

or race ahead of it.

Life is a wall of water

different currents,riptides,calm water….suddenly raging beyond

what we think can control.

Controlling life is a illusion,life…just like that wave,controls us

Forcing us to rise above it or race ahead of it.

I am choosing the third option.


4 thoughts on “Water and Options

  1. Michael,
    Over the last months you have been slowing rising above your wave. I see you go from running ahead less and rising slowly.
    You have been a blessing to those who have lost of a love one, helping them deal with all the emotions that come with a lost.
    Praying you will see what a blessing to all the lives you have touched by a encouraging word, a smile, a joke, a helpful hand, your smile, helping a Mom pay for her child’s toy that was in line ahead of you, getting people around the world to donate socks this pass winter for the homeless,giving blood, taking time for a cup of coffee to listen to someone who needs to talk and all the other many ways you are a blessing.
    Love your Friend , Cheryl

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