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It’s 4:49 pm

A grey overcast day here in SE Michigan. Paladin is curled under his blanket taking a nap after a busy afternoon of guarding the castle.
I have a big mug of iced coffee at hand and the Dixie Chicks are singing so sweetly on my Spotify playlist.


First,so grateful for the wonder responses to my past two “8 Questions With….” interviews. Both Peter Kearns and Sarah Sharman have a lot of loyal friends and supporters and a whole slew of new folks also have discovered these fresh talents based on how so many folks have dropped to read the interviews.
I am currently working on a new interview which will be up very shortly which I am excited to share with you all and yes,I am still in the UK because there are seriously friendly folks who are happy to talk with my little blog here…
Thank you so much for also supporting my return to poetry,I haven’t really written much poetry since my brother Peter passed. It was something I accidentally discovered I liked doing when I was bar tending at Marsugi’s during our open mic poetry night hosted by a crazy poet/artist named Frank Bella and his friend Rod.

I wrote a few pieces and before I dared to get up before a very knowing poetry loving crowd,I shared them with a few unbiased ears. Some weren’t very good but as I took more time in learning to craft what I wanted to say,I grew more confident.
And you really had to be confident because as my friend Laurel can attest,that was a rough crowd if you brought weak material. Laurel worked the night with me and we saw a lot of great speakers,some weird performance art pieces and some really great poems.
One of the coolest things that happened from our poetry night was when Marsugi’s was selected to host a Poetry Slam along with some other venues.
I was looking forward to making a few bucks from behind bar that night except for one small thing,I was asked to be one of the judges. Now I’m just like anyone else,I know what I like but poetry is just like art,its subjective to person hearing or looking at it.
I didn’t (and still don’t) I was qualified to be any kind of judge,especially at a poetry slam!! Wow,talk about pressure!! In fact only 2 or 3 of our regular poetry crowd signed up,that was how good some of these folks were….but they held their own and in fact,one of the 3,a lady named Beth,finished 3rd. A powerful spoken word performer dominated the night and made it very easy for all judges to vote. The crowd agreed with us and it was a lot of fun.
So after I got a gentle suggestion to write some poetry from writer Janet Van Gorden,I decided to take her suggestion. And that is how “Shards” and “Time” came about. Of course since poems come from the heart,I know the vast majority of my poetry will be about Lori and will be very emotional to see the least.
Maybe as I tip-toe along,I will expand but who knows,right?

I have blogged quite a bit about the pitfalls of home ownership and the various problems one has when dealing with contractors. Finding one you can trust is so priceless,I know I keep harping this point but I work at a home improvement store and I can tell you a few horror stories of customers being jacked by a shady contractor. Local journalist Rob Wolchek from Fox 2 Detroit regularly shows stories of people getting ripped off in his “Hall of Shame” segments.
So when you do find one like I did when I met Donald Baumer of ICM,you find yourself wanting to share the good news….which I did with a friend. They needed a bathroom remodel and I recommended Don and his wingman,Ryan. My friend is getting the work done this week and they are pretty excited…they also came to my work and asked my advice on some items. It’s funny how living with a sharp eye for interior design like Lori had rubs off on me. We watched so many HGTV shows,shopped at so many stores looking at things that would make our house look special. Now I help out hundreds of folks every week but this one was personal for me,I really wanted to get it right,you know?
So it worked out and they trusted me enough to follow my suggestion which made me feel good,I know this remodel is going to be awesome and they will be very happy and they in turn will share Don and his great company to their friends..


Paladin is digging the warmer weather,he is glad to have his window back open. I actually have two windows open for him,I have opened the window to my den as well. Of course when he sits there upstairs and people walk by,I can always tell when they see him by the “ooooh” and “that’s a damn CHEETAH!!!”  One brave soul actually knocked on the door and when I opened it with Paladin standing there,he said “Uh,wrong address!!!”.
Let’s put it this way,since I have had Paladin,I haven’t had any religious folks come aknockin’.
So a few days ago I was upstairs and he was meowing downstairs,I looked down and saw him standing at the foot of the stairs. I stuck my foot around the corner and wiggled it,up he raced up the stairs,he attacked my foot,turned to race downstairs….but stopped on the second step,turned BACK around  and jumped back towards me but turned a full 360 in the air and raced back down. He went down so fast,that he couldn’t take the corner and slid on his feet on the floor into a pillow I didn’t know was there….I swear,I think he had that while routine planned…crazy cheetah….

One last thing…..congratulations to my friend and Musketeer volunteer Justin on his marriage last Saturday! I am so happy for Justin and his beautiful wife,Heather Ellen.
With Justin and Latasha now married,only one Musketeer to go….right,Darryl??

And with that….I’m going to close this entry out,if you made it this far,thank you!

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benthere – how nice it is to see you once more…I am glad we found each other. Just wish I was in better place.

Janet Van G- Thank you for the gentle push.

Sean Kearns – Thank you for a great interview!!

Sarah Sharman – Thanks for a kick ass and honest interview,can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

Latasha – You rock! Had another fun week,isn’t it amazing what teamwork and communication can accomplish? And of course we sending your momma positive thoughts and light.

Romey – Welcome back from vacation!

Cezanne – thank you so much for your support!! You inspire me,I know every time I post here,I am going to have at least one comment!

Tiffany Hendra – So excited for you and your new show. And extra kudos for them to showcase the “Sanctuary of Style” How cool was that??

Prince – Your music meant so much to me when I was in school,you were an amazing talent and will be sorely missed.

Sharon – for trusting me *s* I owe you a pillow…..

Slade Wilson/Tom Leyden – I am just DYING here this season! Will the Yanks get 10 hits a game in at least 25 games?? At this point,the Subway Series is going to get ugly this year!

Denise Mary – love you.






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