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8 Questions with…….actress Sarah Sharman

It’s 4:34 pm

Welcome another edition of “8 Questions with…..”.

So in keeping to my recent trend of interviewing some incredible and very talented
artists from the UK,I decided to ask Sarah Sharman for a nice chat. Sarah is a very friendly young lady and you can see,also very beautiful as well.
Acting in the UK seems at once both close knit yet wide open depending on who you ask.
I see the different folks post on boards looking for the one break they feel they may need to gain the next level. One huge difference I do see between the UK acting world and the US is the fact the actors from the UK seem willing to help their fellow artists. The group where I met Sarah was like that. People sharing information,new productions getting geared up,encouragement. Its heartwarming to see because in this dog eat dog world,simple acts of kindness in such a competitive business is nice to see and I want to do my part of sharing the new bright stars of tomorrow here in my blog.
And so with that…..please enjoy the 8 Questions with………Sarah Sharman.



 Please introduce yourself to us.
Hello my name is Sarah Sharman. Actress and Dancer.
 You were born in Nigeria,how old were you when your family moved to the United Kingdom? Did you get the love of performing from your parents?
I was born in Nigeria, West Africa and moved to England when I was 1 year old, when my dad decided to return to England due to work. I’m not sure if I got my love of performing from my parents. My dad was an organist in his younger years and use to do gigs. Growing up, myself and my brothers attended a local dance school, we’d also take part in school productions, we were a very musical house hold playing various instruments. We also were very active in sports. So I guess with so many hobbies as a child, my love for performing came naturally.
 How did you decide you wanted to be a actress?
I wanted to be a performer. The old MGM musical films set me alight. The dancing, the costumes, the whole artistry. Even when I see short clips from movies of the 50’s I get a buzzing feeling.
Who inspired you the most, gave you the most encouragement?
I’ve had various teaches at college who would give me encouragement. In a tough love kind of way, to push me harder to fulfill my potential.
 How do you prepare for a role, is there is a big difference between performing on stage versus being on a movie set?
I prepare for a role mainly by just reading whats given to me. I don’t like to prepare a character too much, as long as I know my lines, every thing else develops when in action with the other actors. The difference between performing on stage and on set is pretty vast. Stage you can’t hide. When you’re doing a show it’s live, everything is happening then and there. No edits. The audience have a factor in your energy. I once did a play and there was only five people watching. At first, when the lights came up, we were disappointed. But you can’t give a half hearted show, just because the seats aren’t filled. The cast were in tune with each other and we found new scope and a different energy. On set, the editors can make you look good even if you’re not great, you can re-do takes and there is no audience energy around your performance.
 The audition process….what three things do you like and hate about it?
Hmmm. Tricky. Auditions are great when you get called in. You’re a set closer and I always celebrate this and thankful to get seen. With auditions few and far between I use them to perform as I would when I have the job or as I would in a class. Its me and the character or dance. There were times, when I first left college, that some auditions felt like an exam. The panel can look at you so intensely. But you get use to that and block it out… most of the time.
 The lack of diversity in Hollywood is always a hot topic during awards season,as a Nigerian-British actress,do you face this in the UK? If so, how can the culture be changed for the better?
I was honestly bored with the topic over award season and in life generally I’ve struggled with this since the beginning. Even now. Trying to sign with agents here is tough, as they say we already have someone like you. We won’t be able to focus on you. I was brought up without issue of skin colour, in a small town with only 4 other ‘black/ mixed families, that I knew of. Very rarely would colour be a factor. I was in LA last year and I had more meetings with agents there in three months, than I have here in London over 8 years. How can things be changed…stop looking at colour. The world is so vibrant, people travel, people are working hard, people are people regardless of colour or creed. Be truthful to the roles. If they are from a certain place, cast an actor who looks like they are from there. If the role is open and non specific, cast anyone. So many roles I’ve wanted to apply for, but couldn’t because after reading the about the character, they would state at the bottom: Appearence: White, Scandinavian, Caucasian. But this is slowly changing.
 I saw “Love’s Kitchen” and thought it was very good. What was the experience like working with Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani? Do you enjoy smaller parts on a major film or a leading role on a small budget indie?
I like parts what ever the budget, it all depends on what the part is. The only difference is the catering and green room. Haa! I do enjoy having a meatier part, as that is what I’ve trained to do, that’s what I’m built for. But even with smaller parts you learn so much. Love’s Kitchen was one of my first acting gigs. I had been auditioning for a lot of musical theatre and dance work, but things slowly started to shift to straight acting.
 What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies,activities,holiday…what makes Sarah happiest?
Oh gosh! I like doing so much, I’m always up for trying new things. I grew up doing so many hobbies and running around dancing, athletics, swimming. That it hindered me to this age. I have to have something to do! I love mixing with people, being creative, whether I’m taking a class, or book a workshop of some kind, or go out with my camera, or pottering in my garden. I happily go places on my own. I’m happiest when I’m doing something or accomplished something. I’m great at doing nothing for a day or two, MAX. This is really a tough question, because generally I’m happy with life.
  What makes the city you live in cool to be in? If we visited you,where and what would we do?
 Err, I’ve been in London for many years now and still have a lot to discover. It great that you can always find something to do in here. My favourite view is the Tower of London. But these days I like to stay local to where I live or if I’m out in the city I try and avoid the busy places. London is changing and losing some of the character it had. So I like to venture off the main streets and find independent places and hideaways.

To keep up with busy Sarah,she has the whole media thing down pat

Twitter- @sa_sharman

Instagram- @sasashar

Snapchat – @sasachar

Vine – @sa_sharman

And you can me on Twitter as well @Jinzo_2400
My thanks to Sarah for her time!! Please feel free to leave feedback in the comment box.

2 thoughts on “8 Questions with…….actress Sarah Sharman

  1. You’re right, she is very beautiful. I wish her a lot of luck and I’ll be watching for her in the acting world! Nice interview~

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