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Concerning Gods of Egypt and other adventures

It’s 12:10 pm

It’s overcast grey day here in SE Michigan. After a beautiful spring week last week,we got a whole day of rain on Sunday. Saturday saw me start to go through my bookshelf weeding out books that I don’t need anymore. Many of these were old cookbooks that Lori had collected through the years and since I’m not much of a cook,I think others would benefit much more from them. Hence the massive culling and Salvation Army run. It will be nice to get this done and create some space for other books that I have in a big stack on the floor.



A blast of the past came back recently….it seems like my old manager from the grocery store I worked at as a store trainer/cashier,has transferred from the Dollar Tree he was working at in Livonia to the store I shop at. It was great to see him and he has already made a strong positive impact on the store. Which is really good because that store is so heavily shopped,its actually ranked 1st or 2nd in its region as far as sales volume goes.
I ran into him while I was getting some bread and other lunch items. We chatted for about 10 minutes before I had to go…but it will nice to see a friendly face when I stop in.
I need new glasses pretty badly so I made a appointment at Perle Vision…I blogged about how I found out the doctor who Lori and I went to for our eye care had suddenly closed shop and left the area.
Back when we first got to Canton,we did go to Perle Vision and while the exams were reasonable,buying new glasses was not,that is one one reason we switched to Dr. Blakely. While her prices were better,the selection wasn’t and so we trekked over to JC Penney for glasses.
So that was the plan I had for today….well until I walked into our JCP and found out that they had closed their optical down around a year ago…only mall based stores have them now. So I ran two errands and decided to kill two birds with one stone….I will pack up my books and since my Salvation Army is on the way to the Westland Mall where a JCP is at.
Got a little side-tracked today and decided to reverse my day,did taxes today and started to organize the books for the run tomorrow.
Went to the same place as last year and again was lucky enough to get a very sharp agent who quickly prepared my paperwork. Doing taxes is never easy for me,it always seems to deeply saddened me whenever I go. When I had to tell the woman Lori and I had went to for 3 years that she was dying and I would be coming in alone,just felt so hollow and brokenhearted and that emotion has stayed with me since. I know a lot of folks get jazzed for a huge return but since I don’t get that,I just want to get it down and out of there.
The agent,Toni,said that this would be the last year they would be at their current location before they have to move. The property down my town’s main stretch is a hot ticket and the city is just to jam in new businesses in every little crook and cranny they can.  Makes for a brutal drive during rush hour and the weekends.
Going to have to break down and replace the sump pump,its been running on borrowed time for a while and its time to retire the old warhorse. We have tried to McGuyver it for a while but the motor is becoming more fickle and I have to check it every day and when it rains,every hour. If it quits of gets clogged,water backs up across my basement and that isn’t very good. The cheetah and I have started a new game of him flopping under the basement stairs and I try and grab his foot,he then will flop the other way and I have to walk around to try again…but a wet basement stops the game and makes for a cranky cheetah…



I ventured out to see my first film at the theater since last year’s “Ant-Man”. I went to see “Gods of Egypt” which was directed by Alex Proyas,who also directed one of my favorite movies,”Dark City”.
Despite a lot of lemmings and trolls who couldn’t wait to trash this movie,I can say it was a LOT of fun and the casting was no issue. The story was a good one and yes,while the CGI was a bit off in a couple of scenes,it looked beautiful on screen. While Geoffrey Rush and Gerard Butler were the big stars,Proyas showcased some serious young talent in the beautiful Courtney Eaton and Brenton Thwaites,who I thought did a great job in “The Giver”. He also co-starred in “Ride” which I have in my waiting to be watched section. French actress Elodie Yung also lit up the screen as well….and watching the fanboys troll on the movie,I know they’ll be shocked to see her playing Elektra on the new season of Daredevil. I have a feeling we won’t hear too many protests about that!!
But for me,it was seeing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Horus that was really cool. Back in 2008,he did a great show called “New Amsterdam” that featured Coster-Waldau as an immortal cop who couldn’t leave New York until he discovered his true love. Being that the show was on Fox,it got a very quick hook after only 8 shows but I became a fan of his work. So it was nice to see he excel as a leading man and hopefully he’ll get more roles like this.





As many of you know,my favorite pizza place is Cebella’s Pizza,they make the best Chicago style pizza outside the Windy City. They run a weekly contest and I entered,they ask a question,you answer it and hopefully you get picked. The question they asked the week that I won was “Who Is Your Favorite Tiger”. I picked Lori’s Uncle Charlie as mine. My favorite current Tiger player is JD Martinez,who has really blossomed here in Detroit and has become the second most dangerous hitter behind Miguel Cabrera. I like to say “thank you” to Christine and Dave for allowing me a week past deadline to pick up my pie. The cheetah enjoyed his half as well….what? You didn’t think I couldn’t get a pizza past a full grown cheetah,did you??

16 Mar 15
9:38 pm

Despite Comcast’s crappy ass connection issues,I’m back in the saddle today,going to try and finish this post. Spotify is down as well because of the tech problems so back to my blogging artist of choice,Jewel. I don’t know why but her voice soothes me whenever I write.  Go figure,right?
Spent my day spinning my wheels a bit…I was up late last night talking to my friend Radha in Los Angeles,during our chat,spring’s first thunderstorm rolled in and lit up the night…and we actually lost power for 10 minutes,which is extremely rare. The power came on but I decided to head to bed…

Stacks of books

Stacks of books

I did tackle my den today,donated 75 hardback books along with a box of pewter to my Salvation Army. I’ll say this…my SA has a overload of books. I actually went in to see what their DVD selection looked like…it was pretty thin so I passed and headed home.
Made some dinner and started to cull more books and other items,tomorrow I will head to see my computer guy…hopefully he’ll be able to help me download my videos from my video camera. I can’t afford to mess this up…its my only 3 videos I have of Lori. It has to be done perfectly and flawlessly.

And with that,I’m going to close this entry down….even to me this is just dragging endlessly on and on. Other then Cezanne,I’m sure everyone has either fallen asleep or quit reading and I can’t blame them…
If you are on Twitter,feel free to follow me @Jinzo_2400

Shout outs:

Radha – again,thank you for letting me vent. And please send Karen a FB request.
Jackie P – Sending you light and healing..
Stikmon – see above. Will be toasting you on Saturday!!
Karen  – Enjoyed following the Gwinett- Madonna baseball game with you…they are a terrific team! Your son must be having a lot of fun!
Mario Impemba – same with following the Golden Grizzlies and your son as well.
Cebella’s – Thank you for the great pizza!
Cezanne- What a great little collection of films you sent me,the cheetah likes 50’s Sci-Fi!!
Angela – I have my interview questions ready to go.
Anthony – You are free to submit any story you wish….looking forward to seeing what you are sending.
Tey – I truly had no idea I had let our friendship go lapse so badly. I know its not an excuse but I haven’t been myself. I look forward to hearing your new music as well!
Sharon- we need to start walking again!
Romey – Thanks for the great lunch and yes,I was the one who signed you for the pie contest!!
Alex P – Thanks for a great movie…


Please feel free to drop a comment or two!!



7 thoughts on “Concerning Gods of Egypt and other adventures

  1. Gods of Egypt seems to be a movie Jim and I would enjoy, we’ll have to check it out. You make me hungry when you mention Chicago Style pizza, yum!! Great blog, I always enjoy your writing

    • It was a lot of fun…it had everything,fun,adventure,love and redemption….Proyas did a great job with this one…and thank you as always for leaving such a kind comment!

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