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What Does Love Mean to You?

It is 8:07 pm


Maybe the shortest blog entry in my history…but I want to know:


What does love mean to you?


3 thoughts on “What Does Love Mean to You?

  1. What does love mean to me?

    That’s a loaded and enormous question. I love a lot of things – coffee, periwinkle blue, my little boots that make me feel like a superhero, the heartbreaking music of Damien Rice – and even the way people are loved can be different. I love my parents as my progenetors, and am amused when a look or a saying reminds me of just how like them I am. I love my siblings, my first friends, my extended family, and a good number of people who I only know by a user name. I am endlessly supportive of these people, and would fight for their continued well-being. But I think you’re asking about the kind of love that brings two souls together, that makes the world go ’round, inspires songs and poems and art – that kind of love.

    When I met my husband Mark, I was at a get-together with some other friends. My girlfriend Mary said, “Susan, this is my friend Mark.” He smiled at me, and in that moment I thought, “This is the kind of really nice guy that my sister always meets first, and then they’re in love with her. ONLY I’M MEETING HIM FIRST!” His smile filled his whole face, because he was genuinely happy to meet me (and attracted to me, as I found out later) and is a pretty happy person. We bonded over pizza and Weird Al, and were an item ever since.

    What I think is the unique thing with this relationship is that when he and I are focused and present with each other, neither of us need anyone else. Other people aren’t even all that interesting or attractive to us. We find the same things funny and listen to the same music, and love trying new things together, but it’s a thousand other things besides that. While the phrase “you complete me” is entirely too overused, he really does. He’s never said or done anything to me that made me doubt that he cares and that he’s committed to us, and hopefully neither have I. Sure, there are days when we don’t get along, and when we take each other for granted, but the idea of that ever being to the point where we want to actually be apart is preposterous. Plus, as we’ve said before, just sorting all of our stuff into “his” and “hers” would be mindbogglingly difficult, so it’s easier to stay together. Then we laugh. We just mesh, on a fundamental level. We are. That’s love, folks.

  2. Suuuuper hard question!! And obviously you asked what love means to “me” as opposed to what love means in general, so that does make this easier.

    To me, love is knowing that even when I f* up, even when I f* up huge, like royally, the people who love me will be there to help me dust myself off when I pick myself back up again, they’ll be there to lend a hand if I can’t pick myself up and they’re the ones to cheer me on and encourage me when I learn how to walk again. To me, that’s love. It can be romantic or platonic. I believe that love is powerful and that through love, people can heal.

  3. For me, love can be something simple that warms my heart, such as kittens, listening to my favorite band or sitting on the beach watching the waves crash. It can be something that makes my heart swell such as Christmas Eve, memories of my wedding day and reuniting with an old friend. But, it wasn’t until I had children that I found out what it was like to have my heart so full of love, I sometimes think it might burst. The joy and pride I feel from them is something that is hard to describe. For me, it’s been the deepest love that I have experienced so far.

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