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I Sing -“Independence Day”

It’s 8:40 pm

Posting one of my favorite songs by the wonderful Gretchen Peters. While I am posting the Martina McBride version,I like Gretchen singing it because it’s her song.
This is such a powerful song and one that sticks with me always for many reasons. Sometimes it seems the only time we really focus on domestic violence is when a high profile name is involved. But as seen in the video,it is always around us and with the vast influx of guns in our homes,far too many times,a domestic violence ends in complete tragedy as entire families are destroyed by one bitter soul. The desperation this woman in the video feels comes across so clearly.
This subject is personal to me because I saw far too many incidents where I had to face off against my mother’s husband after he assaulted her. It was the first time I ever felt helpless in my life. While resources 35 years ago were scarce,there are more options for women today,not nearly enough sadly but they are out there.


If you know someone who is a victim of domestic violence or you yourself are in a bad situation,reach out for help by going here:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

If anyone has other resources,tips or willing to share their experiences and how they escaped,feel free to post in the comments below. You don’t have to post your real name or where you are from….I only hope you are doing well and are safe.

Thanks to Gretchen Peters for writing such a powerful and timeless song.

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