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Have Cheetah,Will Review 12 – “Arctic Blast”

6 Feb
2:04 pm

So the cheetah was commenting on the lack of a winter here at the homestead. I suggested we head downstairs and pick out a film to watch from our Dollar Tree stash. He agreed and we poked around for something to watch. He pointed a paw at “Arctic Blast” and that is what we watched.
This film came out in 2010 and stars Michael Shanks who gained fame for his work in the “Stargate” series,as a “rogue” weather scientist Jack Tate. Jack has a full plate as he is being divorced from his wife for being married to his work as well as trying to maintain a relationship with teen daughter.
The plot has a massive hole punched into the ozone layer off the coast of Australia who allows a super arctic blast to come through with temperatures hitting a -70 degrees. The first victims are a crew of Jack’s colleagues who are instantly killed when they are hit in the ocean.
Jack relays this to his boss,Walter Winslaw(Bruce Davison “X- Men”) and they tussle over the best way to plug the leak which is know a huge cloud of fog. Various folks are shown getting caught in the cloud and dying a nasty death. As more and more holes pop up,Earth is running out of time…..and heat. Can Jack Tate save the planet,his marriage and become a awesome dad??

Okay…so what did the cheetah and I think about this film? Typical SyFy “nature goes wild” Saturday night movie,right? It follows the same path of most of their films,a couple of B list “names”,silly effects and cheesy scripts….or does it? We actually LIKED this movie quite a bit. The acting for the most part was very strong for a genre movie like this.
The special effects weren’t the greatest but you definitely believed you wouldn’t want to walk into a fog anytime soon!
The plot holes are there as well….I mean,its -70 degrees and your car turns over on the first crank? Jack and his daughter outrun the fog ON FOOT yet when driving away at top speed,it is sitting right behind them? Hey,you gotta have some cheese,right??
We give this one a paw and a thumb’s up.


“Arctic Blast”
Written by : Jason Bourque
Directed by: Brian Trenchard-Smith

Released by Lionsgate

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4 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will Review 12 – “Arctic Blast”

  1. Looks like a good movie from the trailer.
    I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it.
    Good to hear your having a mild winter ❄️

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