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It is 5:46 pm

Going to try and crank something on out because its been a while since I written a personal entry.  I like to thank you all for the nice support for the little film reviews and my “I Sing” entries. It is fun to show off my favorite bands and artists this way. I know a lot of you may not have heard of these singers/bands but after you hear them…well have fun in finding out more of their music!

After I posted my Wild Colonials entry,I sent it to Angela McCluskey,who was the vocalist for the the band. Much to my surprise,not only did she like it,we ended up talking for over a hour about her music and where our lives are now. She indeed remember the show where the Wild Colonials played the Oasis when they were on tour with Chris Isaak and Silvertone but remembering me,well not so much!! *LOL* When you’re a national musical act and playing between 100-200 shows a year,talent buyers/club managers blur into one mass….until you’re Ronnie James Dio who remembered EVERYONE he met!!
But then again,that sort of swings both ways,I booked about 1,000 acts in my career and many of those acts have faded from my memory as well. The bands/artists that stick in my mind do so on many levels…whether it be for the pure talent like Angela has,the way David Blaine completely freaked my partner in musical crime at the EDGE Jimmy out. Sitting on the bus talking to Damon Johnson from Brother Cane and just talking about life.   Most everyone I ever worked with was very nice and professional. Not everyone but why give those any thought,you know?
While Angela and I were chatting,she brought me up to speed on what she has been doing,living in New York,performing with a brand new band called Saint Bernadette,having a Grammy nominated record. She also agreed to do a “8 Questions with….” interview for the blog so I hope to have that up shortly.

I see WordPress has changed my format to advanced….getting used to the changes,so far I haven’t lost any entries as of yet.

24 Jan 16
3:15 pm

Back on the keyboards…..the cheetah and I have been in a movie watching mode as of late. Looking out at a grey overcast sky,I am very thankful that I managed to build up a backlog of movies to watch. The cheetah loves to stretch out and doze off. Sometimes we’ll binge watch a TV series,that might include up to 4 episodes a disc…basically about 3 hours worth of nap time. And he knows when I’m going to watch TV,as soon as he hears the remote,he’ll wait about 15 minutes until I sit down. Then he’ll come up from behind the couch and curl up on my chest,he’ll turn around til he gets comfy and then sleep. It helps when the series or movie has good extra features so I can stay quiet until Paladin gets up.
We watched the series from J.J. Abrams from a couple a years ago called “Alcatraz”. It had a short run on Fox before it given the hook.

A lot of studios despite having a series canceled will release it on DVD. Most are very affordable,I got this series at WalMart for only $8.00. I liked the show quite a bit,the premise was very interesting…on the last day Alcatraz was supposed to close in 1963,302 prisoners and guards vanished and over 50 years later,they start popping up,not having aged a day and committing violent crimes. A San Francisco cop who has ties to what has happens ends up for for a special task force looking to both recapture these folks but also finding out how this happened.
For the most part,the cast was strong but the writing wasn’t always the best and having a key character instantly knowing who was spotted based on a single crime was a cheap and lazy plot device,having the different prisoners perhaps copycatting other’s signature crimes might have deepen the mystery a lot more.
It only ran 13 episodes before Fox canceled it…on what was supposed to be the season one cliffhanger turns out to be the most depressing scene in whole series and one you will really find yourself wanting to be resolved!!

5 Feb
8:26 pm

Sitting here again….the cheetah is sleeping on his bed in the spare bedroom,the weather is actually pretty mild considering we had a snowy day yesterday. The snow was of the huge fluffy kind so it didn’t really stick much.  Which has been pretty much our winter,light snow and no real bad storms.

Of course as I write this,the weather is calling for 3 days of snow next week,how much we get is anyone’s guess.  The house,while much warmer this year due to some timely repairs,is still giving me a rough ride. Seems we fix one problem but a new one pops up.
The cheetah wanted to know if the house is haunted and I really had a hard time answering that because he might have a point. I wonder if Lori is gently trying to tell me to get out while I can before the next recession hits. I know that seems a bit out there but the way its been going….who knows?

Been finding it hard to get in the mood to write,haven’t been online very much either. Sort of been burned out as of late,work is ramping up as we head into our busy season and I have been pulled all over the place which has been leaving me pretty tired at night. Plus all the normal toxic sludge that is our political system is also keeping me offline.
I haven’t really done or gone anywhere as of late during the winter season. Just feel like being alone for now while I try and recharge my mental batteries.
I am putting in for a vacation in March,a chance to lay low for a week is really starting to sound good,my feet sure could the rest!!


The Super Bowl is tomorrow and its being held in my old stomping grounds in the San Jose area. It’s pretty cool to see the excitement that many of my friends are going through as we did when the Super Bowl visited Detroit a few years back. The buzz in our whole metro area was pretty cool.
Seeing the various Panther players visit venues I used to hang out was pretty neat as well. What also is very cool is the fact Carolina is practicing at San Jose State where Bene Benwikere starred for the Spartans. Bene suffered a broken leg late in the season and will miss this year’s game. But he’ll still have earned his ring based on his outstanding play and will return healthy next season.

One huge benefit for the football program for hosting a NFL team is they will get around 150,00 dollars in improvements. This will really help SJSU in terms of recruiting as they have to upgrade their facilities for the Mountain West. Winning the Cure Bowl also will help quite a bit as SJS,while maybe not drawing the biggest fanbase,seems to know how to win big bowl games.
While I am still not a huge Ron Caragher supporter,I was glad our recruiting class seemed more grounded in traditional SJSU type of players…good kids with good character.
Last year’s class was very flashy and well regarded nationally but was loaded with kids with questionable ethics which saw a lot of kids getting kicked out even before the season started.
Picked up 19 new players including 2 very highly recruited players who switched from Temple and Washington State to San Jose State…but the Spartans lost a key player in DT Elijah Parks who would have added some much needed size on the D-line.
2016 will see another very tough schedule for San Jose State as they travel to Tulsa and Iowa State while hosting rugged Utah and a very good FCS school in Portland State. The Spartans will have 17 starters back but are losing Tyler Ervin who is headed for the NFL after setting many school records during his career at SJS.


Been paying attention to the sudden upsurge in store closings,seems like a LOT of companies are starting to tighten the belts. Macy’s,Sear’s,K-mart,Chico’s are among the
the companies closing doors to many stores. It also is extending outwards as well to tech as Yahoo is laying off 17,000 and while many restaurant chains are also being forced to close as well.
Hoping this isn’t start of a trend,my town is still expanding with new shops openings…we’re getting a TJ Maxx as well as two new grocery stores are also coming. Sort of weird seeing that as we have so many already. In Canton,we have two Kroger’s,a Sam’s Club,two Walmarts,a Target,a Meijer,a Aldi’s and a few mom and pops stores. Plus the usual CVS,Walgreens and two Rite-Aids.  Of course with the gas prices being so low,Americans are out in force shopping and I hear many folks who are planning on taking road vacations.
How many of you are planning to take a road vacation this summer? Where are you going and how far will you have to travel to get there?


It is about time for some new peepers….but a few weeks ago I needed a screw replaced in one of my  arms in my glasses so I headed over to Sharper Vision,where Dr. Blakely has been my eye doctor for 9 years. I drove up,parked and walked up…only to find the place closed. Just a note saying thank you for letting us serve you.
I went to Perle Vision a mile down the road and commented about Dr. Blakely’s departure to the tech who replaced my screw. She said a lot of folks had come over from her practice. No one had any warning that she was closing shop,she also closed her office in Detroit without notice. The tech was shaking her head about it,what I didn’t tell her was that when Lori was sick,I went for a eye exam and told Dr. Blakely about it. She said that her husband also had a chronic illness which was pretty serious. It wasn’t cancer,it was related to his kidney’s. I wondered if her husband had passed and she was withdrawing to try and come to grips with her loss. She wasn’t the type to just to close shop for warning or notice. Whatever happened,I wish her well…

Well,that is all I have for now.  Thank you for reading and I’ll post again much sooner then before. I am hoping to feature two guest writers,the great Susan Smiley and author Anthony Cardno in the near future.
If you are on Twitter,feel free to follow me @Jinzo_2400.

Shout Outs

Cezanne- thank you for encouraging me to get back to writing.
Donald – So awesome that Melinda and you are connected,you are giving me hope.
Rob W-  Another amazing job in busting a scammer and child molester. Who knows how many lives you have saved with your hard work.
Romey – You SURE you don’t want to see that western??
Angela – thank you for the lovely chat and I’m sending my questions.
Bene – Good luck to the Panthers tomorrow!!!
Ryan – One more repair and I think we call a priest!!
Angelina – So happy the surgery was a success!! You sure deserve good health after
enduring all these years.
Karen – Thank you for loving Wookit,what a sweet thing you did in saving such a sweet cat.
Sean – Terror Birds is going to be a hoot! Now remember,your next film needs to have a cheetah!!
Cheryl M. – Thank you for your kind gesture and a great dinner. It was great!
Sue – Felt great to chill out in the coffee shop,it has a long time since we have done that. Felt great to relax
Jimmy – One door closes,another one opens. Glad you are staying home.







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