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Have Cheetah,Will Review #11 – “Eno La”

It’s 2:02 pm

I met Tim Teets of o73 Films back in 2014 and we did a “8 Questions with……” interview in May of 2014. I found Tim to be very passionate about making movies his way. His DIY ethics of making films really impressed me. Buying second hand equipment,having his friends help out on projects,its proof that you don’t always need a big budget to make quality movies.

“Eno La” is Tim’s first short film and I have to admit,I had to turn it off mid-way through its 4:17 running time. The film’s story is one I’m living every day now.
It opens with a man waking up alone,as he starts his day,we see pictures of the couple all around the house. The man moves around slowly,in a fog as his loyal dog keeps his company. He has no direction as he takes his dog for a small walk before coming to the house. The end of his day builds up to a extremely sad end of the day. Death has left its mark on the man and his future appears bleak at best.
Despite the subject matter,I thought this was a fine effort by Tim. He captures the sadness and isolation of losing a soulmate,his choice of using a song from Moby as the song,”18″,fits perfectly.
I have to say that these young directors like Shane Weiss,Danielle Burgio and Oliver Efesopoulos as well as with Tim,really put a lot of thought and care into picking the music that fits the mood and theme of what they are saying.
As “Eno La” is a wordless film,the music as well as the actor,have to fit in order for this to pack the emotional punch it wants to deliver.  JT Devlin is the widower in this film and he does a great job of letting his body language convey what he is feeling and some of the real danger in letting a life changing event shape a life in a not so good way.
The editing was crisp as well with no wasted energy,you get the whole of what emotions the man is feeling in every part of his life.
This is a film worth checking out and helps o73 Films kick off 2016 on a strong note.

To read my interview with Tim,you can do by clicking on this here.



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