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I Sing – “Girl”

It’s 8:01 pm

Winter has landed in SE Michigan,it was gotten cold finally…well sort of. Had temps in the low 20s in the first of the week,then shot up back up into the 40s again. We’re supposed to be getting some rain tomorrow and possibly some snow next week. The cheetah is digging the weather,I see him perched on his window when I come home. Lot of bird activity outside…


I am posting a song from the group Wild Colonials who played the Oasis in San Jose when Jacek Rosicki booked Chris Isaak right after I started there. I fell in love with Angela McCluskey’s voice during their sound check. She has the most amazing voice and while she was sort of shy when I met the band,they were very professional and extremely talented.
I always tried to get to Angela for a show at the Agenda afterwards but by then all the members of the band were too busy doing other projects.
The Wild Colonials still record and if you like the song I put up and want to know more….you can go to  to pick up some very good music. As always,feel free to drop a comment below!




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