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Reprinted from 27 Dec 09

11: 46 PM

Decided to reblog this old entry from 2009 while I attempt to post a fresh entry. This seems like from a different lifetime….how fast things can change in a few years.

Its 8:32 am

Another brisk cold day here in SE Michigan. Had a very nice Christmas..watching Derek Jeter and Ginger enjoy thier catnip. My brother hooked me up w/a great gift,a new Yankees ballcap and a World Series baseball. My wife got me what I wanted,the first season of Law and Order:SVU and surprised me w/the new Sarah Brightman CD and a new San Jose State shirt. She also came up with best zinger of the day when she told my brother she almost got me the shirt w/all the teams of the WAC on it but she didn’t want me to be reminded of all the teams that pounded SJSU this past year.

It was pretty cold here but rainy,it wiped out what little snow we had. I had to go out and chip away at the ice in our gutters otherwise we risked having the backed up water turning into a thick sheet of ice. It took me about 25 minutes to chip away the ice from our house and both our neighbors.
The rest of the day went peacefully,we had dinner and played a couple of board games we got for Christmas. My wife is a fine game player and she won both games. I am not too surprised,you should see her play video basketball or a racing game….she is very skilled operator and plays to win.

Its now the 27th of Dec….the news is all about the Nigerian who managed to slip by Dutch security and smuggle aboard a military grade explosive on his flight. The man,when questioned by police/FBI,thought he was going to New York. But when he found out it was going to Detroit,he said he was scared to land in such a hellhole and decided to spare his fellow passengers and himself that agony and blow up the plane. His lawyer,Irving B. Shyster,says its a case of justified insanity. More details as they emerge.

We now have a White Christmas,we’re supposed to get 1-4 inches during the next 2 days. It looks so peaceful outside now. Perfect weather for a walk which is what I’ll be doing after I post this.

Brittany Murphy…damn! One of my favorite actresses is gone. I really hope it was natural causes that got her and not any drugs or disorders. I know a lot of people are blaming a weight issue as the main reason which would be sad,she had a nice figure and some of most expressive eyes in Hollywood. Much to young to have gone. And the same w/Vic Chestnutt but I can relate and understand his suicide. Vic was only 45 but wow,his legacy will live forever. One of the best songwriters in American music history and despite being trapped in a wheelchair since he was 18,Vic’s pen and voice was pretty amazing to hear. Seems like he was very depressed over the fact he was almost 40,000 in debt because of medical bills and that was WITH medical insurance! How duanting to know despite trying your very best to live a good life with a marketable talent and still not being able to pay your bills. Just brutal.

How was everyone’s Christmas? What did everyone do or go? We went to Mass on Christmas’s Eve. The church was full and pretty quiet compared to other years. The priest thanked us volunteers for working on the Giving Tree,seems the charity spirit was working overtime here in SE Michigan. Just so many people doing thier part to help those who have near nothing. You see these stories every Christmas but this year was different. Even more people need help then last year and we thought last year was bad…but as the Christmas moves on,I hope people don’t forget or quit volunteering…I know I am back at the senior center next week and back at the Canton food giveaway 20 Jan. Find a cause,sink your soul into it and give all year round.

Alrighty… to my walk.

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2 thoughts on “Reprinted from 27 Dec 09

  1. Sounds like you and Lori had a great Christmas that year. I know you will always hang on to those cherished memories. Nice blog

    • Yes we did,Christmas was the best holiday here…always a lot of love and fun. All of our traditions made it so special. Thank you for reading and commenting as always,Cezanne!

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