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I Sing – “Viva La Vida”

It’s 8:06 pm

One of the things that brought Lori and I together was our love of music. Taking a long car trip was always a lot of fun because we would get a chance to listen to our CDs as we traveled. Our musical tastes were both different and the same. She loved a lot of the older classics like Aerosmith,The Beatles and Joni Mitchell while my tastes ran to more alternative and talented singer-songwriters like Barbara Manning,Dave Alvin and Penelope Houston.
What was really cool was being turned on to new artists that maybe we would have never listened to if not for the other person. Lori had a great ear and because of her,I became a huge fan of John Legend,OneRepublic and the band you’re listening to,Coldplay.
While I had heard of Coldplay,I never LISTENED to any of their music. I bought Lori several of their CDs for Christmas,birthdays,just because…
and she would play them in the car on our trips to see her folks. The driver got to pick the music and she loved Coldplay quite a bit. While she changed artists when picking her albums for a trip,Coldplay was the one constant. She knew all the songs and she really liked “Viva La Vida”.
We always thought singer Chris Martin was talking about Napoleon Bonaparte in this song but we never found out who exactly it was about. Only that the song was cool and Lori sang aloud to it whenever it came on.
I don’t go on long trips anymore but I still have Coldplay all ready to go when and if I do go…..

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