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have cheetah,will review #10 – “Modify”

It’s 9:39 pm

Got a PM from young director Oliver Efesopoulos about his new short film that he had just released. I had reviewed one of Oliver’s films (Fool’s Paradise) back in July and thought it was absolutely brilliant. So I was pretty excited to see what Oliver had created this time around.
The film is called “Modify” and like “Fool’s Paradise”,its a short film,it clocks in at just under three minutes.

The story is about a man creating a navigational device..but as to what purpose isn’t clear as to why he is creating this device. You don’t see anything but the inventor’s hands and a foot as he works on perfecting his guide. Is he inventing for profit,is he disabled? It looks like he may be blind but his hands work his tools too perfectly to be a blind man yet at the end,it looks like the inventor has a walking stick a blind person would use.
I think another 30 seconds to explain why the inventor was making his guide would have helped a lot in this tale. It’s just a tad too foggy in my opinion.
Oliver filmed this completely on his own,he plays the inventor as well. Thought he captured the dedication and drive that a creative person would have in making a new dream come to life.
The score is also very sharp and was my favorite aspect of “Modify”. Kevin McLeod does a excellent job in providing two very pieces of music that help propel this film.

So while this fell a tad bit short of “Fool’s Paradise”,I did enjoy it and “Modify” is just the next step in watching a very talented film maker learn his craft.


I love to hear what you think of “Modify”,drop a comment below.

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