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Of Punts and Socks (Sockvember update)

It is 7:13 pm

This blog entry is brought to you by the official pizza and coffee of Sockvember!!

pizza1 coffee1


Last week was a busy one for me,work was very busy as I am making the adjustment from part-time to full-time. I am working a 7 AM to 3:30 pm shift,Monday-Friday. I hit the ground running at 7 am and don’t stop until lunch which is often at 12:30 or even 1 pm. I don’t mind it for the most part as I am rarely hungry while I’m at work. I normally just drink my jug of coffee and power on through. It has been a month now and I have adjusted to the schedule pretty well.

Sockvember has got off to a rocking start! As of 25 October,we have gotten 10 packages so far equaling 98 pair of socks. My friend Cezanne sent three packages and my dear friends on The Plateau have chipped in as well…..and trust me,that they had postal service out there is quite remarkable!!
And Heather Smith also sent a large box,the ball is rolling now….and Alana delivered huge as well!!
Last weekend saw me being invited over to watch the Michigan State-Michigan football game. How did I get so lucky to watch a instant classic?
Well my friend Sue and a pair of her friends are huge football fans,Sue loves the Wolverines while her friends root for Michigan State. Every year Sue and her friends take turns hosting when the game is played. I got to the tail end of the game at Sue’s a couple of years ago,the crowd was lively and much laughter was being shared,some gentle ribbing from the winning side and a lot of good food.
Last year saw the party go up north and then in a bit of a surprise,this year’s party also went up north. Sue carefully planned her schedule at work,packed her clothes,gassed up her car and ….promptly got sick with a nasty cold virus that went through our job. Needless to say I was surprised when I got the call from her saying she wasn’t going to make it. All of her football friends were trekking up north,no one was going to be around to watch the game….and how would I like to watch the game at her house? She didn’t need to ask a second time….so I drove to her house and watched one hell of a game. We both thought Michigan would win,the Wolverines were extremely hot defensively while Michigan State was just a beaten up team.
We enjoyed some great food (wings and the best potato salad in the world) and some great football. The last play of the game where the punter fumbled the snap which led to the game winning touchdown….Hollywood couldn’t have scripted that ending. Sue sat in stunned silence while I was just shaking my head and said “Snap,crackle and holy crow pop!!!”. All this game did was show that Michigan is going to be very good again very soon and that Michigan State is a elite program whose depth is the deepest its been since the 1960s when they competed for National Championships. This rivalry is rapidly surpassing the UM-Ohio State game and many folks think (and I’m one of them) that UM-MSU should be the last game of the season.
I’m hoping the game next year will be hosted by Sue because as good as this game was,next year’s will be even more epic because of the new players that will be playing,both teams are losing key players and the spotlight will be even more brighter for the coaches.

Of course I went home and brought up the San Diego State-San Jose State game up on Yahoo.  SJS didn’t even bother showing up as they got drubbed,30-7.

25 Oct 15

3:10 pm

Had a meeting yesterday with Susan Smiley,Christine (co-owner of Cebella’s Pizza) and my friend Sue about Sockvember. Cebella’s is now officially a Sockvember partner! They are going to be doing a in-house promotion and setting up a donation box that customers can donate socks in. We’ll see how this goes. I know that next year I’ll have to jumpstart this event a lot earlier!!



(thanks Black Canary for the photo)

A reminder of where you can send your socks

Michael Sullivan
45249 Lemont Rd
Canton,Mich 48187

If you are on Twitter,feel free to follow me @Jinzo_2400

To follow Cebella’s Pizza – @CebellasPizza

To follow Kohana Coffee – @KohanaCoffee

Any questions you have about Sockvember,leave them in the comments section and I will answer them.


Shout outs!


Alana – Thank you!!
The Lost World Team – Thank you!
Cezanne – Thank you!!
Heather S. – Thank you!!
Christine and Dave (Cebella’s) Thank you!!
Victoria (Kohana’s) Thank you!!

To those of you who are sending or will be sending socks – Thank you!!
Susan S. – Thank you for doing the paragraphs.
Sue E. Thank you as always for your support.
Justin and Darryl- Hope we get to Musketeer on Thursday!!

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