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Have cheetah,will review #9 : “Far away”

It is 7:41 pm.

Decided to review another short film by the very talented Shane Weiss. I reviewed this very talented young director’s “Eye of the Beholder” back in early September. I was scrolling through Shane’s YouTube channel when I caught this very short yet telling film called “Far away”. What makes this short brilliant in my opinion is the awareness that Weiss has in today’s world.
Most teens and far too many adult are always looking down and never realize they are doing,cutting off connections to both themselves and the people they love. At what length this disconnect goes on is brought to life by a man and woman and will have you either nodding your head or maybe have you stop and reflect. The couple,played by Nick Benjamin and Erin Weiss,capture exactly what Weiss is commenting on. While his peers are   dealing with sore necks and cramped fingers,Shane has his eyes outside the box,catching life as it flows.

This video only has 11 views… yourself a favor and watch it.



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You can follow Shane @SWeiss32
You also visit his YouTube Channel by going clicking on here.


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