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Sockvember!!!!! (A Pink Hat Mission for Lori)

It’s 5:14 pm

Its cool and overcast here in SE Michigan. It was 75 degrees on Monday and 55 degrees today. And its hitting 49 degrees on Saturday!! Winter is coming but according to our local weather gurus,we are in for a very mild winter. And I know I can handle that for a year or two.
So what is Sockvember?
After my fellow Musketeer Justin and I finished our last adventure,I decided I want to do something that will make a difference in my area. The cheetah and I sat down over a a tuna fish sandwich and brainstormed on what we could do that was not only affordable that our friends and family could contribute but sort of catchy as well. I was pretty stumped until the cheetah decided it was time to wash his feet. As he sat and cleaned,the idea came to me.  Socks. Winter is coming and socks are a critical piece of winter gear to folks in winter. But for far too many folks,many don’t have but maybe a couple of pair at most and when they get wet,life is miserable.
So we decided we are going to ask folks if they will donate 1 package of new socks to our Sockvember sock drive. The official start will be 1 November and will go to 30 November. I am planning on taking what we get to the church that Lori and I went to,St. Thomas a’Beckett.  This will be a pleasant surprise to them as well.
Why St. Thomas? Because we used to take part of the annual Giving Tree they have at Christmas.  Its a huge tree with paper ornaments of people who may not be able to afford just the basic things in life and church members can select a random ornament and ensure the person gets a Christmas.
We did the tree four years and I volunteered the day the gifts got wrapped and sent off to the hundreds of families who would have no Christmas without the love and soft hearts of the givers.
The socks will go to various churches and their outreach programs which include homeless shelters.


I am posting my home address in order for you to send your SOCKS only. I only want socks,please no checks or cash. I also really need some major sharing with your different social media circles. If you are Facebook or Twitter or even Instagram,please continue to share Sockvember with your circles! I will be posting pictures and updates as the month goes on as we try to reach our goal of 100 packages of socks. I know it sounds like a lot but I know we can do this!!
Here is where you can send your socks to:


Michael Sullivan
45249 Lemont Road

I will start the mission on 1 November and end it on 30 November.  Of course,if you wish to send your socks in early,that would be awesome as well!!

If you have questions,leave them in the comment box below and I will answer within a day.


Thank you so much!!

If you are on Twitter,you can follow me @Jinzo_2400

16 thoughts on “Sockvember!!!!! (A Pink Hat Mission for Lori)

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  2. Can’t imagine wearing socks here in Oz today…it’s 107.6 degrees where I am 😮
    I have to go to the shops on Sunday so I’ll see what I can find. If I can find gloves I’ll send some of those too 😉

  3. Hi Michael, well the parcel is on its way. I’m not sure if it will get there by Nov 30, but we can always hope. I sent it by UPS from our local post office. Maybe it would have been better if I’d PayPal’d you the money I spent plus the postage. You probably could have bought 100 pairs of socks for the same money 😀

    • I made a huge mistake in that regard,Lyn. I should have encouraged either gift cards or Amazon instead of pushing for actual socks. I didn’t realize how much postage was to get them mailed.

      • LOL yes, it is pretty bad. But next year, gift cards would be a good idea. Or maybe the charity could set up a PayPal account. They could probably get twice as much that way. We live and learn 🙂

  4. Hi Michael, according to tracking details: Parcel arrived at facility in destination country NEW YORK (US) New York Wed 02 Dec 2015 19:52. Hopefully it will arrive on your doorstep very soon 🙂

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