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Bottomless Trap Hole

“Who Knows What Evil Lurks In the Hearts of Men….”?

Its 11:06 am

Looking outside at a lovely fall day here in SE Michigan. I had a perfect storm type of night,insomnia and food poisoning so I am home for a rare sick day.
This week marked some milestones for me,I have been blogging on here for a year now and have really enjoyed doing so. I know my output isn’t where I like it to be but I am looking to get better at that. My new series “Have Cheetah,Will Review” has turned into a popular one and even garnered me a IMDb credit,which I am very grateful for.
Yesterday marked Paladin’s second year with me here. Its been a lot of fun and some zany adventures for the cheetah and myself. He makes coming home a lot less painful and the winter months a lot of fun. In fact since our weather has been slowly trending cooler,he has started making his way upstairs again. He curled up by my head and slept which he does during the cold season. Its still not that bad at night but after a summer staring out at the window,he is ready for the blankets to come out.
As many long time readers know,I have worked very hard at keeping this blog on a even positive keel (except when I have those very sad stretches).
I don’t really post anything negative,political or encourage debates on here,I like it to stay mellow. I thought hard about this entry and should I post it,its been in heart now the last two days ever since I learned of it. I like to write when my heart gets too full so I get some relief and have a tiny sense of balance in my life.

A few years ago,I started playing a game that I have written about before,Yu-Gi-Oh. My buddy Farm and I played countless games,I played a few tournaments and had a lot of fun. I also played online before they created websites like Dueling Network. I played with 3 other duelists,Geoff,who taught me how to play and hate the word “Raigeki”, Chris,who still actively duels in tournaments and builds the strongest decks and Tad,aka Hatmaster or Hat for short,who was always creating new decks no one had every played.
At first it was Geoff and I playing and then we met Chris. After a while we met Tad. The four of us would meet online and play countless duels. Life moved on and so did Geoff,he slowly withdrew as he got a job that paid well and he was on the road quite a bit. So our core four became three.
While we talked while playing,it wasn’t for a long time that I got to Chris. Tad was friendly and engaging but Chris and he connected better then he and I. I knew Tad studied at Penn State,loved to follow the Nittany Lions and enjoyed cooking. In looking back on my FB history with him,I was surprised I had only exchanged 4-5 messages with him on a one on one basis. I know we talked in the dueling rooms but it mostly about the game.
So when Chris pinged me two days ago with some news about Hat and it wasn’t good news,I thought the worst. I thought he was dead or had a serious illness. And what I thought was the worst really wasn’t,sitting here typing this,I wish that it had been a serious illness he had contracted,instead Chris sent me this….the very last thing I would have expected.

Our dueling partner,our friend….arrested for one of the worst crimes a person can commit,a crime against a child. Or in this case,children.
I am still stunned and sickened by this news. Never once did he ever say a single word that leave you to suspect he was doing this. The emotions raced through me as Chris was explaining that he had last talked to Hat in June and then utterly zero contact after that. Chris did a internet search because he was concerned and found out he had been arrested.
After I read the press release,one thing came to mind,Hat’s life is over as he knows it. Sex crimes involving computers are very aggressively prosecuted with conviction rate of between 92-95 %. If you are a first time offender in Pennsylvania,you are still looking at at least 5 years in prison. But this isn’t taking account that police say he had 139 downloads,if each download is of a different victim,he could be looking at 139 felony counts which make a longer sentence much more likely.
He will be a convicted sex offender and will have to register to Sex Offender list once he gets out.  He won’t be able to work as a chef if there are any children present,he’ll most likely won’t allowed to use a computer unless supervised. And he might have to pay his victims as well,many more states are making convicted predators pay for their evil crimes. He has fallen into a bottomless trap hole by his own hand…

So this is where I am at today. I have taken steps to remove myself from Tad. I also suggested to Chris he do the same. I want ZERO connection to this sort of person in my life. This isn’t a “I’ll support you no matter what” type of crime. This is one of the most vilest crimes one can do to another human being.  There is no defense for this,none.

I am sorry Tad chose this path,I find it bitterly ironic that a man who loved Penn State and watched the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky case unfold before him,STILL decided to exploit innocent children this way. But you made your bed,Tad,you chose your journey down this life,you have to pay for it. 32 years old and you destroyed yourself.

For any readers who care to answer this:

what would be your reaction to this kind of news??


5 thoughts on “Bottomless Trap Hole

  1. That’s heartbreaking. Hard to imagine people could harm children like that. Glad you’re distancing yourself from him.

    • Thank you,Cezanne. It IS very sad to hear that a person you know could be capable of such a terrible act. Child/animal abuse carries such a stigma with it. I put animal abuse because I truly feel if someone can hurt a innocent animal like a dog or cat,they will have no problem hurting a child or even an adult.

  2. It makes me sick to my stomach. Years ago, when I was a teen (back in the 1960’s) a friend came to me and confessed that her uncle had molested her. She was worried sick that the same fate was awaiting her younger sister. She did not want to tell her father. In those days that kind of stuff was so hushed up that all I could tell her was to write Dear Abby. I didn’t know what kind of advice to give her. The toll on the children of these crimes is incredible.

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