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You Have Questions,I Have Answers

Its 2:59 pm on 11 Sept 2015.

Its a gray,overcast day here in SE Michigan. Its been lightly raining all day long but its only 65 degrees,fall is in the air! Its been a while since I posted a personal entry as I have posted a pair of film reviews and a interview with Diana Lee Inosanto. The truth be told,its been a rough August/September for me this year. Lot of down days and yes,its a little surprising to me as well. Not that I expected a ray of sunshine but everything seems so blah,no pop to it. I am not excited about anything here,my lawn,which was looking good,suddenly decided to go rogue and spout weeds again. Paladin killed his first mouse…(okay,you kill a damn possum and a hawk with zero problems but the mouse,you play with???. I don’t understand cheetahs at times).
I finally got a full-time spot at my job along with some badly needed dental and vision benefits but again,I am not nearly as excited as I should be.
Oh wait! I did get a most unexpected phone call from a very good friend at the right time and that did perk my day up….you are getting the picture.

I got the following blog entry idea from another page,normally I would never post anything like this but I wanted to prove something to myself. I wanted to see if I could get 20 questions from my friends on my FB page. The person whose page I saw this on has over 4,000 “friends” yet only had 3 people ask him a question and one was a joke. It got me thinking,is it okay to see if your friends care enough to actually ask you a question without being labelled a conceited maple loaf? Would they take you seriously and want to ask a question not because you asked them to but because they really want to know the answer. Guess we’ll find out.

Here are the questions…….

From Susan aka Black Canary

I liked the question about music, so I’ll go that way. In the different genres: Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap, Classical. Even if you don’t normally listen to that genre, is there a song in each genre that you think transcends the genre and is just a really great bit of music?

Since I’m not a fan of every genre I don’t think I can accurately answer this one. I can tell which artist changed my world as far as listening to music and that would be Prince. Up until then,all I had ever listened to was stadium rock bands like The Eagles,Journey,Led Zepp,Heart,Styx…it wasn’t until my freshman year in high school that I was exposed to anyone else.

Once I heard Prince’s music,my ears were opened and I started to listening to more soul,R&B and funk. Once the door was open,I listened to almost anything. This helped developed my ear (that and reading Flipside) and my tastes. Today,I enjoy almost everything except for blues and jazz..and its not that I don’t like the artists,I mean Jane Monheit is amazing,I just hate the tight box the sound seems confined in. Everything sounds the same musically speaking.

Good question.

From our family friend AJ (thank you for your dedicated service to our country)

Think you will ever move back out to CA? Or will you stay put in Michigan?

While I am a native Californian,I don’t see myself ever moving back. I have come to really enjoy Michigan. You get all four seasons defined clearly plus wide open spaces within minutes of most anywhere you are. But if I had to move out of Michigan,I would move to Portland,Oregon. My brother Phil lives there and absolutely loves Portland more then California as well.

From my fellow sports fanatic and animal lover Susan

What music moves you?

Different sort of music movies,be a rousing score to a great action film like “Star Wars”,”Glory” or “Superman” or a soft ballad like “Silent Lucidity” by Queensryche.  It can be earnest and sad like “Sing” by The Dresden Dolls or talks to my heart like “Let Me In” sung by the incredible Monique Powell. The song has to be well written and fresh sounding,you can’t have the words “world” and “girl” in the lyrics (sorry Tim McGraw). The subject doesn’t have to sappy,which is why “Independence Day” by Gretchen Peters makes my list. Its a harsh look at just how far a domestic violence can be pushed and its aftermath.

What is on your bucket list?

I don’t know..I haven’t thought about that much. I know of three things I would always like to do.

1. See a great white shark in a shark cage. I know it seems pretty normal now but think of see the most nightmare inducing animal this side of a cheetah,up close and personal.
2. Watch a Southern – Grambling State football game. Its not so much the teams one needs to see but the bands,maybe the two best college bands in the nation going head to head. Many HBCU have amazing bands,Lori and I went to see Howard play Eastern Michigan a few years back. The crowd was the second largest in times we went and it wasn’t for the game,everyone came out to watch the Howard band light it up and light it up they did.

3. Walk to field at Tiger Stadium. This was what I was hoping to do with Lori during what was supposed to be our last summer together. As I was trying to call the team,Lori’s condition quickly declined and we never had a chance. Lori loved her Tigers and her uncle is a Hall of Famer and perhaps the finest second baseman to ever to play. He has a statue and his name is listed on the wall of Tiger greats. While we went to many games,it would be nice to actually walk the field for her.
4. Pet a full grown cheetah to see if he is as soft as my pocket cheetah…

From Ken,a extraordinary guitarist/bassist for The Defenders (and a fellow Barbara Manning fan!!)

fave memory of Marsugi’s

Oh boy….talk about a question that I could write about for a LONG time…
Marsugi’s was the first club I booked bands at back in 1989 in San Jose. Joe Kelly hired me to run the door,Nancy Carlino taught me to book and Eddie Sugitan had enough faith in me to let book his club. So many great bands and even greater people….

My favorite memories

Adrian Cavlan’s three shows with Urge Overkill,The Didjits and the infamous Jesus Lizard. Every show was excellent and inspired me to take creative chances in my booking.
The Muffs – While the The Muffs had played Marsugi’s when Nancy booked them,my show was quite unique. Their drummer got lost on the way to the club and so while we waited and waited,we had pizza and talked music. The guy who did The Muff’s merch and also handled their gear ended up drumming for the show as well. After it was over and they were loading out,the drummer finally got there and was shocked to see that the show had gone on without him. And I got a crush on Melanie *s*
The Supersuckers – My favorite band to see live,just jaw dropping power from one of Seattle’s finest.
The Odd Numbers – Dynamic San Jose trio who not only sounded great,but also tireless promoters and often saved a club’s ass whenever there was a canceled act. The Numbers would not only do last minute replacement spots but draw heads as well!! Always one of my favorites.
Giving a band their first show…be it a brand new unit playing their first live paying gig or a bunch of veterans looking to do something fresh,providing a stage for a first show was always a lot of fun. It was a show I always kept my ear open for. Watching the members talking among themselves,a roadie making a run to retrieve a piece of equipment,handing out the two drink tickets per member,seeing the excitement of the band playing before friends and family.

From Cezanne (whom the artist would have loved to have painted)

Why did u change your name from Michael Patrick to Patrick Michael?

I flipped a coin??I did it attempt to conceal my digital footprint.
What do u think happens to us after we die?

I believe we go to one of two places,Paradise or Hell. There we shall wait until the Day of Judgement where upon we enter Heaven or the lake of fire.

Why do u prefer cats over dogs?


I have always loved cats more. I think they are so much more gentle. While I like dogs and owned a dog that saved my bacon,I have always favored cats. They are brave,curious,loving and enjoy playing. I have always admired their independent nature,they are comfortable being where they are and not always where YOU are. Derek Jeter loved by with Lori and I but Ginger,eh,not so much. I have discovered cheetahs are the same way,when I am upstairs,he doesn’t really come up during the spring/summer months. The winter however,he loves to hang with me wherever I go. And the basement as well,he won’t go down there unless he goes to the bathroom but whenever I go down,either to the pantry or doing laundry or picking out something to watch on the DVD player,Paladin wants in on the action!
Plus cats never get fleas unless they’re around mutts…..true fact!

From Christine (Her and her husband Dave own Cebella’s Pizza,the best pizza in the Midwest and she is the biggest Hanson’s fan I know)

What’s your favorite drink from Biggby?

I love the frozen orange creme drink but my favorite coffee is Michigan Cherry,iced of course!

From Art,who watched my back more times then I can count and is now helping our youth by coaching high school sports. His brother John is always
one hell of a fine human being as well.

Who do you think will win the Presidential election in 2016?

I am hoping Bernie Sanders can win. The only issue I think will seriously affect his possible winning isn’t Hilary but his age.
73 is extremely daunting to some voters,he has to pick a incredibly viable and capable running mate to have a chance.

Who is your favorite artist/band?
My favorite singers right now are Amanda Palmer and Monique Powell. My all-time favorite still is Barbara Manning.
I also enjoy John Legend quite a bit,he has an amazing voice,two other voices I enjoy are Eric Stuart and Chris Martin from Coldplay.

What sports franchise is the most overrated? Pro or college or both?


Overrated college program in terms of football? The SEC.  They never play road games at other major powers and what is scheduling all this FCS cupcakes in November?? If they played up North in October/November,I can assure you,Bama and Georgia would be taking some losses.
Below is a typical SEC type of out of conference team they love to play.

   In terms of pro sports,I would pick the Dallas Cowboys as being the most overrated. How many Super Bowls have they won in comparison to the hype they get every year on the national stage? All that money,brand identity and a favorite of ESPN and NBC. But always coming up short…

Biggest influence in your life?

My parents,Lou and Anna Weirton. They raised me and instilled in me the core values I have today. Lou was a former police officer who was forced to retire when he blew out his ACL in the early 70s,they didn’t have the medical advances they do today and so what was a 8-10 month recovery from a blown knee became a career ending one. Before he became a cop,he served with the US Marines and saw combat in Korea.
Anna was a surgical trauma nurse and worked a lot of overtime in critical cases,both were firm but very loving. Their love was very strong for each other,when Lou passed away from cancer,Anna followed him six months later. They said it was a heart attack but I think more of a broken heart…
I am blessed knowing I had/have a love that deep.

From Kim,the one reason to visit Kentucky! (Hi Zoe!)

Who is/are the most interesting person/persons you’ve ever met?

The most interesting person I have met? My wife,Lori. She really was quite the total package,beauty,brains and very artistic. It was why a simple walk around the block was so special,holding hands and talking about whatever. Her expression of learning something new was very cool to see and she was a excellent teacher as well. She showed me what true courage and love was when it really counted. Every day was a new adventure and I ask you,what could be more interesting then that?

Do you think your cheetah would ever befriend a dog (or maybe has )?

The cheetah says he likes dogs,the faster they run the better tasting they are….hey,we can’t put that down,Paladin!!! Honestly,I don’t know how he would do with a dog,I certainly know he doesn’t like domestic cats,groundhogs,possums and hawks. But he LOVES girls..

From Rara,the only dinosaur to send in a question.


I would like to know: Do you believe in signs or symbols? Anything from horoscope signs, to messages from the ‘verse?

I believe in instincts,when you just know something is right or wrong. Its learning to listen to it that is the hard part.I do think we ALL have that feeling,we either choose to go with it or ignore it.  I don’t believe in horoscopes,when asked for my sign,I always say “Stop”.

Well,that took a lot longer then I thought to put down on paper. I had a lot of fun with this one and its a personal entry of which I haven’t writing too many as of late. I don’t know why but it does happen in cycles. Maybe its a sign that I need to venture some more…
If you made it this far,thank you. Drop a comment or ask a question,if I get enough,I will do another round of this.

If you are on Twitter,please feel free to follow me @Jinzo_2400

Shout outs:

Justin W: Congratulations on both the new house and for popping “The Question” We’re down to one single Musketeer now!!!
Darryl C: You’re Next!!
Bene B : Stay healthy out there for the Panthers! Thank you for being a great role model. Spartan Up!
Angie: We need to hide those selfie sticks,ASAP!
Shane Weiss: You have a outstanding future,keep reaching high!
Monique P: Welcome home!! Time to get some work!!
Will and Tom : Round Two of the Subway Series! I do believe the Mets can make it to the WS,the Yankees…not so much.
Rara: Thank you for helping with the new layout,its so much nicer.
Mary Munez: waiting…..patiently. Please don’t make me send the cheetah to get your answers
Sue E: Anytime,anywhere…Glad you are feeling much better,see you on the front line Monday.
Trish: Glad you had your surgery,now its time to get well!



5 thoughts on “You Have Questions,I Have Answers

  1. Hi Michael! Great blog!! I hope you don’t mind that I asked what I’m sure seemed to be a very insignificant question. I saw all these super serious questions start to come in so in wanted to ask something not so serious while still really wanting to know the answer. And I was actually surprised by your answer! I would have thought you were going to say Iced Coffee but I was way off! So, thank you for including my question!! 🙂

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