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have cheetah,will review #6 – Into Temptation

Its 12:25 am

So the cheetah was in the mood for a movie. So I did as we usually do when it comes to picking a movie. I picked three,put them on a table and whatever one the cheetah sniffs or paws at first is the one we watch.


So I put the three down for tonight, “Gravity”, “Wolves” or “Into Temptation”. Most of you are going,”Okay,I know Gravity but the other two??? Never heard of them!!!” Well we’ll cover “Wolves” another time because we ended up watching “Into Temptation” with Jeremy Sisto and Kristin Chenoweth.
This was the first time I have seen Kristin in a drama,most everything I had watched was either a comedy or music-related and of course I have seen Jeremy Sisto TV for a while as well,he and Anthony Anderson did the last two years of “Law and Order” before the show ended among other things.


This movie came out back in 2009. Set and filmed in Minneapolis,Minnesota it features Sisto as  Father John Buerlein,who is trying to rebuild a slumping parish. While his compassion is strong for those truly in need (a young man coming out as gay,a former boxer looking for direction),he is visibly bored by the petty drama he hears in the confession booth.

Then one afternoon,a beautiful woman steps into the booth and says its her first confession in decades. Father John can only see a unique cross and the woman’s mouth as she explains that she is planning to kill herself on her birthday. The woman,Linda,slips out before Father John can react.
Soon after he starts trying to track her in order to save her life,bravely going where angels fear to tread. Of all the priests,Linda chose HIM and he is going to find out why. But he has to hurry because the clock is ticking….


I admit,while I know Sisto has dramatic chops,it was seeing Kristin Chenoweth in a dramatic role that made me buy this movie. I have only seen her in musicals like the famous “Wicked” and on light comedies as well as talk shows. She is always so bubbly and positive that I never imagined her being able to do drama. I never watched her work on “The West Wing” or “The Good Wife” but she has shown incredible range. While one wishes he had more screen time,limiting Linda’s scenes instills a more powerful urgency for Father John to save her life. Director Patrick Coyle cast himself in a key role that helps ratchet up the tension.
This is a character driven movie and there is zero Hollywood “touches”. What you come away with “In Temptation” is a desire to always be ready to do the right thing,no matter your age.

One knock on this DVD,very thin BTS features and no commentary. Otherwise,the cheetah and I give this a thumb and a paw straight up!

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