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Cat’s Meow : Greenfield Village

Its 1:31 pm

A massive thunderstorm is ripping across SE Michigan as I write this.  Heavy wind,rain and some hail are all hitting at once. Of course the cheetah wants treats in his window despite the thunder and rain. I guess after not being impressed by the Blue Angels flying directly over the house,this weather event is not exciting in the least.

I like to thank everyone who supported my latest “8 Questions with…….” interview. Traffic spiked so high so fast that WordPress sent me two notices. But I was a little bummed no one any comments or liked the interview. Feedback is so important to us bloggers/writers and while we are happy you are reading us,we also LOVE to hear from you!!

Today I am featuring another piece of Lori’s Cat’s Meow village. I started this series to highlight our collecting these little handmade pieces of places we went to either together or in some cases,alone. The first entry featured the Norte Dame Cathedral in Paris,Lori visited it when she traveled all over Europe.
Today’s piece is rather tiny but still a bit of fun.


We visited both the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn many times. We took my dad to see the James Bond exhibit,we saw the Titanic show and walked Greenfield Village many times. We were a bit partial to the Village as they constantly were changing the layout. The Village featured life at the turn of the 20th century and showcased buildings,lifestyles,fashion and important historical advances like Edison’s discovery of electricity and the Wright Brother’s first aircraft.
Actors would dress in period pieces and discuss the character they were playing while performing small skits. Some were funny,like the general store owner talking about the first phone and town gossip and others were very serious,detailing what slavery was like and how the Underground Railroad was born.
The Village is quite large and it features a working train that will carry you around the park.

The train as you would suspect is very popular and you can hear its whistle’s blow all across the park. We went on the train once and its a nice treat as the engineer shares trivia about the train and its history. The ride does cost extra from the regular admission fee but well worth it.

cm3 cm4


Wigwag is the nickname given to a type of railroad grade crossing signal once common in North America, named for the pendulum-like motion it used to signal the approach of a train. It is generally credited to Albert Hunt, a mechanical engineer at Southern California‘s Pacific Electric (PE) interurban streetcar railroad, who invented it in 1909 for safer railroad grade crossings. The term should not be confused with its usage in Britain, where wigwag is generally used to refer to alternate flashing lights, such as those found at modern level crossings (from Wikipedia).


I hope you enjoyed reading this entry and feedback is always welcome!

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Susan M. – Thank you for your encouragement for writing this series.


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