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Its 3:09 am

I’m up watching YouTube videos,my thoughts are scrambled,not like a omelette but like when one drops a flat of eggs on the floor.
I find myself confused at times,wanting to reach out in the style of the Pink Hat but also find myself withdrawing from those who simply want to float away in self-destruction. I know I could help with a gesture or a word but I have already tried once,doing it again a second time leaves me tired,spent and staying up at 3:12 am watching YouTube.

I only want to expend my energy toward those who truly need it,I don’t have it in me to help everyone anymore. Now I only want happy endings,is this a reasonable request or I just being selfish at 3:16 am?





2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Completely reasonable. In my opinion you’re a very kind person for helping others who need help and guidance thru life’s worst trials.

    • I wrote this in response about a co-worker who I like a lot. I’m frustrated because I see his potential being wasted by continuing to make poor choices. Have tried everything I know to get him fired up but nothing has worked. He doesn’t care and so I rather move on to someone that does. There are plenty of good folks who deserve a boost….

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