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have cheetah,will review #5 – “Fool’s Paradise”

Its 10:16 am

After I posted my latest review,I started my rounds of posting my latest entry to various pages and fellow bloggers/writers. This includes Film groups that I have joined. Being a former talent buyer has instilled this in me,if I don’t promote my show,who will? In doing this,I also added that if any indie film makers had a movie or a short they wanted reviewed,to contact me.
It didn’t very long for a young director by the name of Oliver Efesopoulos from the U.K. to send me a message about his short film “Fool’s Paradise”. I recently have had some amazing discoveries in the terms of talent from the U.K.
I did a great “8 Questions with…..” interview with Darren King and then met a very young actress with one of the coolest names I have run across,Atlanta Johnson.  So I was pretty excited when Oliver Efesopoulos sent me the message and the link to his film.

The cheetah climbed on the window and I pressed play and we watched this very interesting allegorical film. I love these types of stories and its why I (and millions of others) love The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits (I like the modern remake much more then the original) because you are never quite sure of what you watching. Fool’s Paradise is such a tale…
The plot shows a boy and a girl at a carnival midway where the young man is trying to win a prize in a knock down the bottles game. The young man mocks the game’s host and proceeds to make a ass of himself. He steals a prize and while his girlfriend is upset,she forgives him…they then start walking….

The film is beautiful to look at,the cinematography is spot on by Maria Secio,for a small indie short,this looks major league. Bright colors,the noise of the carnival are all brought to life in a smooth motion,there is a little shaky camera work but it helps drive the story.
Oliver did a great job is setting a defined pace,which must be incredibly difficult for a 10 minute film. The intro is robust,you meet the two characters in the story and after the first game….well,you’ll have to see for yourself. This is not a simple tale,when I was talking to Oliver,I asked him a question about the young man and he replied “Do you want the answer?” I said no because I think its up to the viewer to figure it out,just as we did in watching those Twilight Zone/Outer Limit stories.
I do know I hope Oliver produces another gem like this and when he does,we’ll be there to see it in the front row….

Highly recommended.

And yes,if you are a indie filmmaker and you want a review here,find me on Twitter @Jinzo_2400

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