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City of Lights

Its 12:18 pm

Looking out at a overcast day here in SE Michigan. The summer season has once again been unbalanced,humidity,leading to thunderstorms one day and then cool nights in the lower 50s. Michigan’s weather is all over the place…you don’t like the current weather? Wait 5 minutes and it will change.
I hear kids outside intermingled with landscaping crews cutting grass or a homeowner off for a day getting the job done. Birds fly by the window,the cheetah sometimes sits upstairs with me,watching from the den window,mostly he sits on the ground floor. He waits for me to come down so he can get a treat,its a ritual now.
I was supposed to post this last night but I didn’t feel it in to write so I had a milkshake and surfed a bit before heading to bed. The insomnia seems to be easing a bit as I can see my water tank in my CPAP machine is almost empty as of late. That shows I am indeed sleeping better. Many times the water was untouched because I never slept. A step forward….


In thinking of what to write about,I was the process of cleaning the spare bedroom. As I cleaned I looked at the shelf that covers 3/4 of the room and where Lori and I kept our Cat’s Meow Village pieces we collected through the years.
Cat’s Meow are handmade wooden pieces of buildings,signs,places in history created by a artist name Faline. Each piece is also painted by hand and most feature a small black cat named Casper on them.
We first saw these pieces in a upscale shop in Plymouth named Gabriela’s. We thought they were very cute and bought a couple. Whenever we would venture to Plymouth,we would stop by and see if any of the pieces were on clearance as most pieces ran between 9-22.00 and we didn’t want to pay that for a tiny hobby. The owner always tried to have a few pieces discounted as the collectors weren’t beating down the door for pieces.
Well,that was until he learned that you could commission pieces of your own business,landmarks or cities.
Once he learned that,he had pieces of Plymouth created,including Gabriela’s. We also started looking for pieces at various other shops but Cat’s Meow was a hard thing to find.
We found a couple at yard sales and a few at some consignment stores. Our collection slowly grew and soon we decided to collect only buildings of places we had visited either together or with other folks. Of course since Lori had visited so many places then me,chances were good we would getting more of her buildings.

So I decided I would take a picture of the buildings we have and share the story behind it.

Lori and her friend Shawn visited Europe and went all over the place. Lori always told me that one day she wanted take there on vacation.
She showed me a lot of the pictures of the various places they went to. She liked Italy the best but France,especially Paris,was a very close second.
This is the Norte Dame Cathedral and its one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.



Hope you liked reading this entry,please leave a comment if you wish to see more posts of our Cat’s Meow buildings.

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