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8 Days in SE Michigan

Its 1:43 pm

Its a cloudy day here in SE Michigan. The sun is doing its best to shine brightly here on Father’s Day. The cheetah is upstairs with me looking outside the window at the various birds. I have been watching the old “Pimp My Ride” series on YouTube,I have never written a blog while listening to a TV show before,its a different feel…

This weekend marked Lori and my 11th wedding anniversary…we were married 19 June 2004 in Northville before our friends and family. I spent the day by working on photo albums. I also shared some new pictures on FB and was very touched by all the nice comments,we really were a cute couple..
I also did some light household chores…I just wanted the peace and quiet. I didn’t answer the phone as I worked my way through a mound of photos.
I was able to get a brand new huge album thanks to the 10.00 coupon that Kohl’s keeps sending me through the mail. This is the same coupon they sent us and what Lori and I used to to buy our dinnerware. I now know what I will be buying as long as they want to give me the 10.00.
This will take a while to do,there are a lot of pictures to go through and I am thinking of randomly putting them together rather in order. As I have mentioned,Lori was much more photo shy when I got here then in her younger years. Her prolactioma tumor caused a weight gain and she was self-conscious about it. It saddens me to know we have so few pictures of us as a couple because she was such a beautiful woman. She said she had struggled with her weight all of her life and several relatives had made cutting remarks about it…and those scars ran very deep. I never saw that side of that when I looked on her,I just knew I was so blessed to have her as my wife and soulmate. Looking at the old pictures really tells you how Lori loved traveling,history and discovering new places. She traveled to Japan,Korea and all over Europe. The pictures of Europe are great and when I get this done,I will share a few pictures on here.

23 June
11:04 am

Drinking ice coffee (here’s to you Kate!!) and looking outside at a beautiful day outside. Of course last night was a vastly different world as SE Michigan was nailed by some HUGE thunderstorms. And to think yesterday looked very much like today early on…by the time I headed to work,the sky was getting overcast and about 3 hours into my shift,the sky broke open and it rained pretty hard for about 20 minutes. It cleared up…but when I got off work,I went with my buddy Romey to the Wal-Mart across the street…one could feel it getting ready to rain again.
We were inside for about an hour and when we came out,you could really smell the rain…a huge lightening bolt shot across the sky and we didn’t  stick around,we both left in a hurry.

The storm hit right when I got home and it pounded us with both and in some parts of SE Michigan,several tornadoes touched down. The storms rolled across the sky for hours and hours. The cheetah sat looking outside and meowing once in a while. He was unruffled by the thunder and just sat there quietly. I read a book and listened as well….when I first moved to Michigan,Lori was living in a small house in Livonia. We would get these storms and while Lori was able to sleep through them,I used to sit outside and watch them roll by…sometimes we would sit and cuddle on the front porch. What was strange was we had a small creek behind the house and a thick patch of trees as well….in just over a year,we never had not one lightening strike by us…
I finally went to bed after taking 9 mg of melatonin and slept through another batch of storms,no damage but will have caulk the upstairs window.
And speaking of windows,trying to get a casement window replaced is turning into a real bear. This is the window that had its handle and internals rust away after a poor repair job by a shady contractor on the roof.  The window needs to be replaced as it can’t be shut properly. It was because of this window that my winter heat bill was so bad,no seal means cold air comes in through the crack.

I called a window installation company to set up a appointment to have the job done….they took down my info and said they would call with a date and time which I said was best for me. I waited a week and no answer….I reached out to another company,Hanson’s,which has a good reputation for treating their customers right. I sent a note to the owner,Brian Elias,asking for a price. Because they are such a large company,they really don’t deal with such a small issue as I have. I would have to have at least 2,000.00 worth of windows to buy before Hanson’s would come out. I not only can respect that but was glad to get a quick answer from Brian..(thanks Brian!!).
So I called my first company back up and wanted to know if they wanted my business,I have never seen this kind of shoddy communication from a company on a local level. I called them last Monday and once again went through the process of giving them my info. Its now Sunday the 28th of June and still no answer. Back to the drawing board come Monday…

Yeah,its the 28th of June and I have been writing this entry for 8 days. Why so long….well its not for the lack of WANTING to write but on what level to write on. As long time readers have known,I really don’t write anything that would cause debate or strife on my blog. I truly do a personal blog about what my life is and the various people that I encounter. I post a interview here and there like the one upcoming with the very interesting Mary Munez. I do a review of a movie,talk about my cheetah and my life with Lori.
But I am watching the misguided attack on the Confederate battle flag and I want to express why it saddens me. I want to blog about this but I don’t to be seen as a typical Left/Right political hack frothing at the mouth. I even went so far as to ask on my FB page if people would be upset if I wrote on the topic and I was very encouraged by the small response I got. Enough so that I will make that my next blog entry….and those who know my love of military history should already know what I am going to say….

Ending on a lighter note…..so glad the new Princess Rap Battle video is out this week. Created by Whitney Avalon (such a Hollywood name,isn’t it?),PRB features Whitney and a special guest dressing up as said Princesses and going at it. The verses are sharp,the costumes are beautifully made and Whitney is a mistress of disguises! I actually had to watch a couple of videos two or three times to actually see it was actually her battling.
I am featuring the Mrs. Claus vs. Mary Poppins battle here,you can go to YouTube to find the other battles.  There are also behind the scenes videos as well which are a hoot to watch as well. Please note that these are slightly salty as far as language goes,so beware of how loud you play this…

Walking into work on Friday after the Supreme Court ruling on allowing gay folks to marry legally,I saw a co-worker who is gay leaving for home. I said “Congratulations on such a huge day” as I shook his hand. He got teary eyed as we then hugged. He said “That means so much,thank you”. When I said “Love wins the day”,he started crying. What a huge day for America….freedom of choice is the bedrock of what this nation was founded on..

Well that is it for this 8 day long entry…..

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To find out more about Whitney Avalon..

Shout Outs-


Penny – Sending you warm energy.
Latasha – The cheetah is willing to bear the rings.
Romey – enjoy your night tomorrow
Lorna – good to hear from you and congrats from graduating DePaul!!
Lydia – thank you for your positive message.
Whitney – Mary Poppins vs. Adult Wednesday Addams,please!
Susan – Sorry about the lost weekend! boo,DTE!
Wendy – Thank you for the kind words!
George and TLW team – your continued support is just the coolest thing
Stone – glad for your friendship!

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