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The Musketeers Ride Again…..

Its 6:40 pm

Its a beautiful day outside here in SE Michigan. Its slightly overcast but warm.  I had set my alarm clock early because I was going to help my co-worker and fellow Musketeer,Justin,deliver 30 bags of mulch to Memorial Elementary school in Garden City. Its been a very long time since we have done a  volunteer event in my store and it hasn’t been for lack of projects. I don’t know why this is but I am glad we have two events this week.
Or I was until I woke up with some serious pain square in the center of my back. It was quite surprising as I didn’t do anything to set this in motion. I was barely able to drag my butt into the Rodger Young and headed to work.
Justin and I loaded a truck from my job with the 30 bags of mulch and off we went. Justin was kind enough to buy coffee which was a nice treat.
He mentioned this was the 3rd year he had dropped off the bags of mulch to the school. The school maintains a Monarch butterfly garden in which they are home to the butterflies who migrate to the garden every year.

We pulled into the parking lot and went inside,several parents were at the school working on the landscaping,weeding and planting fresh plants. It is the last week of school and you could hear the kids laughing and running to and fro all over the place. We then were instructed to pull into the back where a teacher would be waiting for us.

We met the teacher and were shown where to drop off the mulch,as we did this,the teacher brought out a book that the school made talking about their garden. Garden City is hosting a Garden Walk on 20 June and the school is working hard on making grounds pretty.
Soon we were done and headed back to work. My back was still very tight but I didn’t have to work until 2 pm. I went home and puttered around until 1:30 pm and then started back.

Two days saw Justin and myself back on the road headed to Belleville to take part of a district wide event to help fix and repair a World War 2 vet’s home. The directions landed up in a very nice subdivision which we knew couldn’t be right…we re-checked the address and directions and tried again,only to end up in a circle. We had a laugh but did we find our project site. Not only were our district out in force,the Senior Alliance was also there. I had volunteered for them years ago but had to quit when Lori got sick.  Later on,one of Lori’s girls at Lane Bryant,Megan,ended up working for the Senior Alliance as a social worker. A very small circle indeed.
We met the project leader who asked us to help on the massive yard…Justin and I went back along with the gentleman who we were here for and got his riding mower fired up and aired up. Justin ended up mowing the lawn while I worked on cutting away brush from the fence line with a small crew from 3 other stores.

Two funny notes from the project included the most unlikely item….lawn bags. As I said,this yard was HUGE,it supported a long driveway and had enough space to handle the parking for most of the two groups. To clean the fence line,you’ll need a LOT of bags…of which we didn’t. The small amount we had were quickly used up…the Senior Alliance volunteers brought some bags as well….but they were from the “other guys” which didn’t work for us  since it was our guys who were there volunteering,completely understandable.
As the project moved on,we had to get fresh supplies and the nearest store was about 15 miles away. We had two trucks making relay runs back and forth. So  we were told that more bags were on the way….we continued to work as we waited. Finally truck two came in and one of the guys got holding maybe about 10 bundles of 5 bags each,50 total. Of course we need about 150 more and no,I am not kidding. The yard needed seriously work but considering who was living there,it was in decent shape. The homeowner,despite being 95 years old,maintains his yard the best he can.
Needless to say,truck one was dispatched to get a lot more bags….we stayed about 4 hours before we had to go,I had to work later during the day.
Justin says he may have another project in the works,a ramp needs to be built for a person in a nearby town.

As I somehow got my dehumidifier to come back on after being down for months,I found myself very thankful for such a blessing. I am grateful that I don’t have to replace it just quite yet because I still have a kitchen window and a botched roof job to repair as of yet. As I am somehow scrambling to find how the hell I am going to pay for these repairs,I find myself in plenty of company. I found this article on FB that states nearly HALF of Americans would have great trouble paying for a 400.00 sudden emergency bill. 47% of folks would be hard pressed to handle this.  I think people are finally understanding that yes,we are recovering from the recession,but it caused so many of us to wipe out our savings/retirement 401k…and with wages staying at the same level while the cost of living as gone up,we can’t even hope to recoup what we lost. Of course in my case,a terminal illness.
Its a very useful article….and I will post the link below:


Its 16 June
12:16 am

Sitting here trying to find a way to close my entry out. The cheetah is dashing up and down the stairs,guess giving him treats so late at night might be a bad idea.
Been trying to make a dent in my stash of books. I finished a  book by Richard Bradley called “The Greatest Game”,an indepth look at the playoff game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox back in 1978. The Yankees rallied from 14.5 behind to surge past the Bosox only to see the Sox rally on the last day to force a playoff game.
Bradley covers all the players involved before and since the game and what part they played in it. The 1978 season was my personal favorite to follow as a Yankees fan but also one touched with a lot of sadness. I thought covering the game pitch by pitch was a great touch and I felt like I was transported back to that day in Boston all over again. Its a book any baseball fan will want to read.

That is all I have for this entry.

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shout outs


Amy Lange – you are a true miracle worker and an amazing human being,you never cease to help others.
Jen/Sylvia – If you can somehow manage to save Marvel Comics from itself….
Tim Shaw – your courage is inspiring.
Allen – Your way of handling one of the most vilest cyber trolls is a classic. Well done,sir!
Romey – Pancakes on me,my brother. I underestimated you…
Mary Munez – excited to see your answers!



2 thoughts on “The Musketeers Ride Again…..

  1. Your love for community service is pretty inspirational Michael. It’s a wonderful thing to see. Another fun blog to read

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