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Rolling Blog or Much Ado About Nothing

Its 8:12 pm

Greetings from the cheetah and myself. Its dark outside and quite chilly. I got Billy Idol’s Greatest Hits playing on YouTube and drinking iced coffee. Life is quiet here.
Where to start this blog? I have nothing concrete on my agenda tonight…Paladin and I have been really racking up the Dollar  Tree Theater flicks,I find it absolutely charming that he will sit in his comfy chair in his polar fleece blanket and watch/sleep through whatever I am watching.
And let me tell you,my standards for watching movies is not very high these days…I used to be a art film nut back in San Jose but now I only ask for one thing in my films,they have to cost a buck (or lower). I don’t care what it looks like or who directed it or stars in it….only that it costs a buck. And between Dollar Tree and now Family Video,I am on a good roll.

Some films are so awful,like Silent Partner was,that when the cheetah flexes his claws and gives me the soundless roar,it comes out of the DVD player. Most are pretty fun however and hold our interest all the way through. The cheetah thinks Gina Carano is a badass and he says Danny Trejo is almost as tough as he is. Actually we are both Danny Trejo buffs and I look for films that he has done recently…my buddy Batroc and I are amazed that how a long time typecasted “heavy” like Danny has been for most of his career now has suddenly been cast in “good guy” roles. Its a welcome change I am sure for Danny.
One reason I like DVDs is for the bonus features,you know,behind the scenes featurettes and interviews. Whenever there is a interview on a movie Danny Trejo is starring,you pretty much hear the same thing from his co-stars, Danny looks like he could eat my kidneys for lunch but he is really a teddy bear. You really do get that feeling from watching him off camera. Robert Rodriguez really was inspired when he cast Danny as Uncle Machete (yep, this is the same character the two stand alone Machete films) in the “Spy Kids” movies.

I always have been a character actor film watcher much more then a “big name”. There was a great documentary a few years back that showcased a whole slew of character actors that you always see in movies but never know their names. You know the faces but not the names….the first actor I really noticed who always played a heavy was the legendary late Richard Lynch. Lynch was once a promising leading man when a tragic drug incident led to his being burned over 70% of his body leaving him heavily scarred. With his Hollywood looks gone,he became a go to heavy in a number films and TV series.
That is when I started noticing several actors who I noticed,they always seemed to be in most everything I saw and I developed my favorites…like Danny Trejo,Tony Todd and Michael Ironside.
So while I scan the various films for something new,if I see a name I know from past films,I will pick it up..
Sometimes in doing that,you can stumble across a new face like I did when the cheetah and I watched “Legendary” with Dolph Lundgren and a guy I had heard about but never had seen act before,Scott Adkins who had starred in a series of martial arts films including the cult favorite “Blood and Bone” with Michael Jai White. But “Legendary” wasn’t a usual martial arts flick but was a creature feature. What made this film a bit frustrated was the filmmakers spent 12 million bucks,including a shoot in mainland China but the main creature looked just as cheap as anything you would see on a typical cheapie SyFy flick. It reduced the film and I think that was a shame because they put a lot of effort into the project including room for a sequel.
What surprised me about Adkins was he wasn’t an American but British,as another very cool character actor that is a HUGE favorite of mine,Jason Statham. I am curious enough to check out some of Adkin’s earlier works to see if he is as good as advertised.

Its 9:33 pm

Friday evening…..its bitterly cold here in Michigan. Its starting to look like winter is making itself known as we had a dusting of snow yesterday and flakes were falling as I paid off my credit card at Target.  The store was pretty spirited with folks shopping and the kids talking about the snow and Thanksgiving. I was feeling a little overwhelmed as I hugged the back wall of the store to avoid the heavy traffic. Picked up 3 cans of Sheba for the cheetah,they had a nice coupon going,buy 2 cans,get 1 free. Sheba is a good choice for Paladin as the portions are smaller so they won’t go to waste and 52 cents is a good price as well. I selected three different flavors (zebra,antelope and warthog) that the cheetah would enjoy and kept shopping.
I got bread,a bottle of apple flavored water on clearance (always on clearance!!),a new Velveeta dish and I was ready to go. Checked out and headed home.
This weekend is the weekend that we are holding the clothes sale for Lori’s clothes. I am working all day tomorrow and most of the day on Sunday.
I hope a few folks will shop and find some nice things to buy. I will be grateful for anything. I will be weatherizing the house next week,I have the kits and the tape and I need a fireplace cover so the cheetah doesn’t tear open the weatherization I am putting in place. The kitchen window is going to be a bit trickier,going to try and tape it first,if that fails,then putting plastic over it,we’ll see if that works or not.
Spent an hour talking to my neighbor about his new Doberman,Cyrus. I think I have finally surprised him with how much I know about dogs. He kept saying he thought I was strictly a cat person,never said I didn’t dogs…but I favor cats. Al took Cyrus to Huron Valley Humane Shelter (same place I got Paladin at) and got treated not very professionally. He had a 3:45 pm appointment and checked in at 3:48 pm,they were charge him a 15.00 “late”fee until he pointed out they weren’t going to see him until he had filled out the paperwork anyways…little surprised at that because Al drove 15 miles to Huron Valley partly because I had spoken so highly of them and he had visited them several times looking for a ideal dog. So to be treated a bit rudely was a bit disheartening,especially considering we have two quality vets within a 2 mile radius from our homes.
I have to think this was just someone having a bad hair day….anyhow,Al went to see about neutering Cyrus,normally 175.00 but Al learned that Cyrus has only dropped one testicle,he would need minor surgery to get the other one to drop…but it also could drop on its own. Cyrus also has a high blood enzyme on his liver after they did bloodwork. Too early to know what that means but Al sounded a bit concerned and I don’t blame him. He introduced Cyrus to the two young girls of our neighbors and he was very sweet with them,which is great of course.
Right now Cyrus is on a long lead,he goes outside to do his business. Al said he wants him to be able to go off the lead at one point,I would be good with that but he is going to have to VERY well trained before that happens. We have neighbors with very small dogs and our yards are open,meaning we have no fence up. I said I would have a problem if Cyrus came in my yard without my welcome,Dobermans are very protective of their territory and my yard is not his. Its a issue that might have to be addressed in the future but I am taking a wait and see approach,I want to see how Cyrus is trained.
I’ll try and get a picture of us this week for a upcoming blog.

The first day of the clothes sale came and went. Didn’t do very much in the way of volume but what was bought was pretty awesome. My house looks like a mini boutique…Cheryl did a nice job laying the clothes out so nicely. Marlene (Crash’s mom) brought over mini muffins and a bag of Tim Horton’s coffee for the shoppers which was very kind of her.
We considered stretching the sale out one more weekend but have decided to go ahead and shut it down,there are women who could use the clothes right now and that is where they will be needed most. I am very grateful for the people who came and shopped. I have so little money and my house still needs so many repairs that were put on hold because of Lori’s illness. But these repairs will have to somehow get done on a very small budget.

This is now a “rolling blog”….to my new readers,this means this entry has been written over the course of several days…

Its 9:53 pm

Sunday night we had our first dusting of snow of that stuck on the ground,its now Monday night and not only are supposed to get 4 inches of snow but the temps are going to be -4 degrees in the morning. I got my inside weatherization done but found out my downspout outside is leaking badly so that will have to be addressed ASAP. I am going to have to weatherize the window from the inside because the tape I have won’t last in wet weather.

I did my first bit of real cooking today,I have baked chicken breasts but pretty much that has been yet. But today was the day to slow cook a roast. It was pretty basic,cutting up a onion,carrots,potatoes…mixing up a pack of gravy,put in the cooking bag and let it cook for 2 and a half hours. But of course after I cooked it,I wasn’t very hungry so I cut it into two pieces,freezing one and fridging the other. I had the veggies for dinner while watching some old Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules episodes. Not very challenging but still fun to go back and watch,especially on a day like today.
Never fails to crack me up seeing Karl Urban as Cupid…..

Sorry this is bit meandering but if you made it to this point,thank you!! Sometimes I have a lot to say and other times I don’t. The fact that I am freezing my butt off in my den isn’t helping much either.

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Comments are always welcome as well.


Shout outs:

Glen A. Larson(R.I.P.) – without you,there would have never been a Princess Ardala.
Cheryl and Marlene – Thank you so much for the weekend….
The Fluffy Sisters – for speaking your heart and Hello Kitty figures!!
Jimmy Durkin – You are seriously the best thing to happen to SJSU football since Claude Gilbert. You deserve a raise!
Batroc – Thanks for hanging and banging with me at the gym. It was a lot of fun.
Dominic – Thanks for checking in with me and congrats on the new job!
Diane L. – thank you for the lovely hearts every week.
Jimmy – Congrats on landing Billy Idol!! You still have the touch! Hoping for a sellout!!
Jimmy (again) – Swamphammer,what a great name for a band!!
Alana – I hope your friend was able to get ahold of Becka.
All my new followers – THANK YOU!!







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