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11 November – for Peter

Posted originally 8 Nov 11.

Its 12:36 pm

Funny how we measure a year,isn’t it? Some start the year on 1 January,some start it on political campagin season,some start it on hunting,fishing or college basketball season.  Me,well I measure by it by 11 November. Veteran’s Day? Nope. National Metal Day? Nope.None of the above. I measure it by recalling how my brother Peter was murdered by gun bought by a kid for 40 bucks on the street. Bought from a thief who stole the gun in plain sight while he ransacked a house. A Colt and Wesson .357…perhaps the “second most powerful handgun in the world today” to mock Clint Eastwood a bit.
Shot to death in the middle of his bedroom in full view of my other brother Phillip and taking his last breath in the arms of his father. Some of you may know this story…..and some of you who have seen my anti-gun posts and status updates may not have.
There is nothing worse and trust me on this,NOTHING worse then to lose a loved one by a violent crime. The helplessness,the shock,the rage and the thirist for justice really shatters your heart.
Gun violence is a epidemic in this country,plain and simple. In Detroit,they love to talk about race relations here as the city is over 85 percent black and the suburbs are probably the same white. They hold meetings to talk about the “N” word,they talk about the need to curb the violence. A 7 year old black girl was shot to death by a white Detroit cop….who was chasing a 34 old black man who shot and killed a 17 year old for a look. A fucking LOOK. That was enough for a man to get his friend,a gun and a ride to kill that young man. And in a strange twist of fate,the same man who provided the ride and gun for this killing,well….it was his daughter that was caught in the police raid and killed.
Though the whole story,all we heard about what happen was that a cop killed a 7 year girl….because they in turn were chasing a suspected killer. The whole issue of a gun being used was ignored.
This past weekend a respected journalist,Kevin Dietz,of our local NBC station did a story on how easy it is to obtain a gun in the city. Now  reading that just makes one want to yell “You just NOW are finding this out?”

Whenever I get into a debate with a gun rights supporter,they ALWAYS come back with “if we didn’t have guns,only criminals would have them”. Which is rather funny,since so many of the guns used like the one that killed my brother,were stolen from a legal gun owner. My answer is simple: “Define a what a criminal is”.   Another very good journalist,Rob Wolchek,recently did a story on the main leader of Michigan’s Open Carry. This guy who has made a name for himself by pushing the right to bear arms in public places is himself a ticking timebomb. I’ll post the link to Rob’s story after I post this entry….and please watch it,it pretty much proves my point. The difference between a peaceful citizen and a convicted murderer is only defined by the time it takes to pull a trigger. And you tell me,how many here can stop that process once it happens? To get between a good person driven to the edge of insanity by rage,pain,being bullied,fired or depressed enough to take the whole family along for the ride? Riding the Bullet indeed… 4 kids a day are killed by a handgun unsecured by the parent…thats 1,460 kids a year. And thats not counting the wounded nor the costs on the parents.

I saw a Right to Life PSA which shows all these bright kids growing up to do amazing things,the last one being a 16 fetus. The angle was pretty simple,every child is so precious….so how is it we as a “Christian”society will move heaven and hell to save a unborn fetus but once they are born..but not give a rat’s ass after that? Teens killing teens….gang violence,workplace shootings,shootings on schools and colleges,crimes of passion,financial ruin,genocide…and yet we continue to reach for our guns. Continue to arm ourselves aganist ourselves.
To glorify violence in video games,make songs about sending our enemies to hell….not thinking about the hell they are sending not only themselves but THIER families as well.Gun violence is the supreme example of a ripple effect…the action of one can affect so many countless of others.The families,the doctors,the costs to treat a gun crime victim,often uninsured,the cost of trails,the cost of housing those same inmates,the costs of appeals in death penalty cases…..

People want to talk about the big banks getting over on us….bullshit. Try the Gun lobby….Bank of America will have to pay 410 million bucks to users over banking fees….but try suing of the 16 gun makers who build American made AK-47s and let me know how that works for you.  You have a better chance of winning the lottery…. So on this Friday….the day our soldiers are honored for fighting to keep us safe from foreign powers,say a little prayer for those Americans killed by a gun by thier own neighbors.

Thanks for reading…..


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