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Of walking,punk rock and meeting Cyrus. And the Pink Hat returns!

Its 9:53 pm

Its cold,wet and very windy outside. My thighs are so sore but in a good way from walking the past two days. The cheetah is downstairs but I suspect he will be coming up as soon as he hears me start typing. Its supposed to get very cold this weekend with some light snow actually showing up. I know its cold already in my house,I put on my old beat up slippers with some socks that have been converted to house socks,not quite worn out,but no longer able to handle weekly washing and wearing.

This week has been a little different here….my neighbor behind me bought himself a year old Doberman named Cyrus..he is a nice dog and he really loves his owner already. I went over and got introduced to him. His owner asked me all sorts of questions,some answers I knew,others I told him to contact some of his old DHS k-9 co-workers. I got to walk Cyrus a little bit as well…he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed as of yet but he seems very loyal and devoted to my neighbor like my cats have been to me. He does bark a lot but I’m okay with that,what puppy doesn’t,right?

Its Friday….5:16 pm

Its slowly getting dark outside,just gave the cheetah some treats on his window sill.He is wondering why all of the tables,chairs and desktops are suddenly full of clothes. Its because I am hosting a “pay what you want” sale of Lori’s clothes. When she was still with me,she decided she wanted to raise some money by selling off some of her clothes. I wrote about that on my other blog site and I will repost it here one day.
After she passed away,I donated some other clothes to the Salvation Army and then stopped. I just wasn’t in the mood to do anything else. I sometimes would go and stand in her closet and relive a typical day,be it getting ready for work,a date or just some comfy clothes during a cold winter night. I can see her in my heart getting ready for work. Many times I stood in the bathroom and just looked at her getting ready. She would catch me and we both would smile. I would make coffee and her lunch and she would come down looking great. She always was the best dressed at wherever she was at (well,Big Moo and Deb also looked great as well!). These are the memories I would and do let cover me,sometimes I would smile and other times I would weep.  But I wouldn’t let myself do anything with the rest of the clothes. Until now.

The fact of the matter is that I am starting to downsize now. I culled through the basement and the Christmas stuff,I will be doing that to one other section in my basement after this project.  But as I pondered what to do with the rest of her clothes (minus of what I will keep forever) I was touched by a friend told me. Seems she knows a lot of women who can’t really shop for clothes due to limited income,while they may work,they have expenses and families. And face it,no one sacrifices their needs more then a woman. I challenge any man to dispute that!!! I know at least two of my brothers,Donald and Gary,who will wholeheartedly agree with me!!!

They often go without so their kids,husbands,house,friends have what they need or want. So I came up with a idea,a private invite only clothes sale where the women would pay only what they think is fair,no price tags,totally up to them. Good idea on paper but impossible for me to handle…so I have had some help getting the sale together. While I made the flyer,I had help getting the clothes,divided by style,size and maker. Its been a long week to be sure and one full of deep pain but tempered with the fact I know Lori approves and its once again a Pink Hat mission helps me through this. I won’t be here for the sale,I am not that strong and I don’t anyone shopping to see me,shopping is supposed to be fun and I want these ladies to be able to relax and enjoy themselves.
The cheetah will be on duty to entertain and make sure he gets sugar from every shopper. He is however a bit confused with all the moving going on…cheetahs are hyperaware of anything new going on in their domains.

In the recent trend of going back to places I have avoided the past 18 months,last Saturday saw my friend Sue and I saddling up to go the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Ann Arbor. While I offered to go the Northville store,I was relieved when she said Ann Arbor. We took the back way in to skip the traffic from the Indiana-Michigan football game. The parking lot was pretty full when we pulled in and parked. It was 2:30 pm when we walked in…we browsed the magazines,I grabbed the latest Fangoria,Air Force Monthly and Air Combat while Sue also gathered a slew of zines to look at while we drank coffee. Only something strange happened,we ended up just talking…I think I looked at one article in a zine while Sue went to the bathroom.  As we talked,various people came and sat down by us in the cafe. About 2 hours in I noticed people were listening to our conversation. It was sort of strange to see people nodding (and shaking) heads over a point one of us would make.

One guy caught me by the gaming section and said he was totally enjoying listening to us talk,I said “thank you” and told Sue which cracked her up. We went to chatting and I had another coffee.  After a while we decided to head back home,it was dark outside. Sue bought her stack of zines and when we got back to her car,it was 8:41 pm! I swear it felt like only a couple of hours…but the six hours just flew by like it was nothing. We had dinner and then back to her house so I could pick up my car (and say hi to her fur crew). I had a pleasant day and Sue is pretty damn cool to hang with….Liz,you seriously made the wrong move when it came to her,you should have loved her like she loves you.

I was off Tuesday,and since it was election day,I did my civic duty and voted. I got into the Rodger Young and headed out to my polling precinct to cast my vote. I vote at a elementary school and when I got there it was pretty quiet. The polls opened at 5 am here in Michigan and when I got there,it was 2:30 pm. I checked in and got my ballot. My ballot folder said “633” so I thought while it was still low,there still would be a nice surge of people voting after work. I filled out my ballot and as I commented that voting seemed steady,the worker shook his head and said not really. He was right,I wasn’t voter 633,I was voter 234. Wow. 234 voters in 9.5 hours and they still had another 5.5 hours to go…when I got home and saw the results,it wasn’t surprising to see such a low turnout. We got saddled with the ugly and unethical Rick Snyder again,he has done very little to turn around Michigan around. We still have crappy roads,high underemployment and various cities either under bankruptcy or getting close to it. And he has changed and signed into laws measures that were voted down by the people of the state.  People complain that young people don’t vote,let me ask you,why should they? When they DO,it doesn’t matter. Both parties simply change a few words to by-pass what the majority wants and do what they are being paid like a 20 dollar hooker to do,perform.
Voting is becoming obsolete and with more and more computers being put into play,corruption is rapidly rising,soon entire races could be cyber-attacked and who will really be able to control their own vote? Who is to say,as we have already seen,that you can vote for Jones yet end up voting for Smith? Young people know this,they know our political system is almost broken beyond repair and quite honestly,are sick and tired of the bullshit.

Went for a pair of long walks (well,they were for me) that included a return visit to yet another place for the first in two years. My friend Susan (you know,I do know a lot of Susans!) who went with me to the Eastern Michigan game,well she had two days of training in Ann Arbor and sent me a message asking me if I wanted to walk after she was done. I agreed and she came over. I had told her about the new trail that my city had completed by my house and if she wanted to check it out. That was our first walk as we walked three miles under a full moon. We were the only ones on the trail and it was very peaceful. The weather was perfect for a brisk walk and I was actually proud that I was able to keep up.

The next day was cold and rainy,not really good walking weather so we decided to head to Westland Mall,yet another place we used to frequent quite often,used to have Maurice salads at the Lakeshore Grill when we did our gift shopping. Its a smaller mall but has 3 good anchor stores in Kohl’s,JC Penney’s and Macy’s. The mall was getting a rep for being thuggish but on this night,it was nice and quiet. Families were out shopping and walking. Susan and I walked through Macy’s and got on the main floor and started our laps. The mall looked bright and nice. There was only 1 or 2 vacant spaces as we walked in our circle. The guy who was offering free samples of cookie dough offered to us each time we passed him,I think he was having some fun with us and we couldn’t help but laugh….at least he wasn’t spraying us with perfume or cologne,right?
The traffic at the mall started getting thicker after the dinner hour and we ended our walk at 2.7 miles. As we walked to the car,I think the secret to going to the various spots Lori and I used to to go is pretty simple,take someone with me. I managed the recent activities pretty well,doesn’t mean I am going to be rushing out there again tomorrow but its good to know I can go there and not be crushed by the memories.


I recently ran across on FB a singer whom I first was introduced to back at my first nightclub,Marsugi’s. Her name is Revik Delfino and her band was a killer punk band called Jack Killed Jill based in San Francisco. I believe Joe Kelly first booked the band but my mentor,Nancy Carlino,took a real shine to Revik and her band and started to book them on a regular basis. Revik was a top notch vocalist and JKJ quickly developed a hardcore following in San Jose and every band that shared a bill with them had better be ready to play or get blown off the stage (which happened a few times). Revik sang so hard that she had to stand outside to catch her breath while we gave her water and cranberry juice. As powerful as she was on the stage,she was friendly and gentle off it,asking us what we thought of the show. I heard Nancy tell her a couple of times,”See you in six weeks”,which excited both the staff and their following. Being that the CD was just then being introduced,local bands were still releasing vinyls and cassettes. I bought a cassette which I played quite a bit in my small apartment.
While the band got a couple of gigs at the Cactus Club,once Marsugi’s closed down,that was pretty much the last time I saw them play. But I followed them through the various zines and show reports and saw that band’s rise was still going on.
I lost all contact with the band once I moved to Michigan (and pretty much most of the bands I worked with).
But about three weeks ago,I ran across Revik. She still fronts Jack Killed Jill,has gotten married and is still shredding it up in live venues around the S.F. Bay area. We chatted briefly on FB and I got to tell her how much I admired her singing and her professionalism. Its so funny how even 20 years later I can still recall what bands worked the hardest to bring in people. JKJ often to used make the long 100 mile round trip to flyer their shows downtown San Jose and I never have forgotten that and I see neither has Corey O’Brien who owns the Blank Club in San Jose as he has them opening for the Barb Wire Dolls (who I was NOT impressed with. Having a pretty girl try and sing punk does not make one punk.). Why do I have a feeling that once again,Revik will be sending yet another band off the stage looking for the secret on how to kick ass and take prisoners????


Well that is it for now…..thank you so much for reading and supporting my move to WordPress. I am really enjoying it here. I know for some of you who are new to my blog that it seems like I am writing in the middle of a book. I will try and start reposting my older entries so you can see how we got to this point.

If you are on Twitter,please feel free to follow me @Jinzo_2400.


Shout outs

Sue and Susan – thank you for a good week.
Cheryl and Jerry – thank you. Words can’t express how I feel about friendship
Taylor Swift – You are doing it right,good luck on taking over the pop world. Shake It Off is brilliant.
Kim R. – Thank you for the Hello Kitty figurine,very sweet of you.
Batroc – Still waiting for that debut blog! Maybe you need some more BG pictures to get you going!!
Chris B. – Nice job on the health check!!! For that you should get to add a Raigeki to your draft deck!
Cyrus – Nice job on that flower pot! That will teach Al to leave you outside!! Smart dog indeed!
Townes – 17 years was a good ride…The Rainbow Bridge will surely be welcoming you!!
Diane L. – Thank you so much for the hearts,they are a highlight
TLW Team – Your continued support is so welcome but the cheetah wants a first name to call you.
Artie Lange – You say you are a comedian. You sir,would be wrong about that on so many levels.
San Jose State – please save our season by pounding Fresno State tomorrow!


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