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Red Tails/The Tuskegee Airmen (originally posted 20 Jan 12 on Blogspot)

Its 12:50 pm

Getting ready for our first real snow storm of the season. Its clouding over and the temps are falling fast.

Last night saw us hit Zero degrees with a wind chill factor of -4 degrees.

My one big errand was going with a friend to help buy her husband a birthday gift,I suggested a model airplane from World War 2. There are a real lack of true hobby stores anymore and places like Toys R Us no longer carry a large selection of models or paints.

The one place I found online was no longer in business,I kept looking. I know Hobby Lobby carries a few kits,I was surprised to see a Brewster Buffalo kit there as the Buffalo was perhaps the worst plane any country put in the air during the war. I didn’t want to suggest that we give him THAT plane.

We decided to save Hobby Lobby as a last resort and head to Westland and check out Nankin Hardware.

Turns out that Nankin also has a hobby section with a decent selection of both modern and historical ships and planes. We looked over the models and I kept a eye for the one plane I think would work,the P-51 Mustang which was the best fighter plane of the war. (and according to the show Top Tens,the best fighter ever.)

Modeling has become a bit pricey,the kit,2 bottles of paint,brushes and a exacto blade cost 44.00. His birthday is Sunday and I’m really hoping he enjoys his plane.

Above,the video you see that I posted is the Tuskegee Airmen episode from my favorite History Channel show,”Dogfights”. The Airmen also flew a early model P-51 while fighting the Germans over Europe. And today is the first day for the film “Red Tails” which George Lucas (Star Wars) spent 23 years and almost 94 million dollars of his own money making because despite the image Hollywood wants to present,it wouldn’t dare to finance a movie like this,a movie featuring a all black cast aimed at the mainstream American audience.

There was a made for cable movie back in 1995 called “The Tuskegee Airmen” which starred Lawrence Fishburne and Cuba Gooding Jr. (who also stars in Red Tails). While that movie was heartfelt,it was low budget and really couldn’t provide the real combat scenes that today’s technology can showcase.

If you plan on watching the movie,watch the video first,you’ll see a lot of the action in Dogfights in Red Tails as the same group that created/produced Dogfights also worked on the movie for Lucas.

I’m really hoping that despite not using the names of the real Airmen (and why is that,Mr. Lucas?) that they’ll treat this movie and the brave men who fought it with respect and grace.

The Tuskegee Airmen also have a tiny museum that is now up and running here in the metro Detroit area. Its a place I am hoping to visit come early spring and if possible,I’ll revisit this post and show pictures.

If anyone of you do see this movie,please come back and share your opinion of it…..

Below is a link to a interview on why Lucas believes that Hollywood won’t support a movie like this being made.


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