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Thoughts on a Thursday

It is 7:41 pm

The last of the day is disappearing as night is falling on SE Michigan. The cheetah is sleeping on his corner of the bed,he has stayed close to me most of the day. It has been a chilly day as well so he likes to snuggle up in the blanket. Two weeks ago he completely buried himself which I had not seen before. Our Fall looks to be ending this upcoming weekend as we are supposed to get rain on Saturday and the night temps will be falling to 38 degrees.

So last week I had arranged to have my carpet cleaned..this company kept calling with a very good deal to clean two rooms and a hallway for only 59.00. I made an appointment and the night before I cleaned the rooms and removed the furniture in order for the cleaners to have access. The next day a van pulled up and a man and woman got out. I had put Paladin upstairs as the front door would be open so the hose could be pulled in. The man had a clipboard and then showed me a list of “services” that I could have for “extra” including deep cleaning the carpets!! I pointed out that the dispatcher said that was already part of the service as I had a couple of stains I needed pre-treated. He said that wasn’t correct and that it could cost me an extra 70.00.
I said that I had had full service from a couple of different carpet cleaning companies and never had to pay that much extra. I told the crew that I would either get the service they advertised or they could cancel the job. And cancel it is what I did. I then called an company we had used before,we made the appointment for a time and a date. So today was my day off and I re-prepped the rooms again for the new cleaners. Pretty soon a van showed up and a young guy walked up to the door. I let him in and put Paladin upstairs.
I explained what happened with the other company and he mentioned that kind of shady antics happens a little too much…we talked about what the carpets needed and if he needed anything else moved. He said he was ready to go….
As he was cleaning we were chatting when I saw him look at my collage of pictures of Lori. I explained what happened and he looked at me and said “I lost my wife as well”. His wife died back in 2008 from kidney rejection. She had three transplants,including one donated by her husband but tragically her body rejected all three and she passed away at only 32 years old.
While he said he has a new relationship (and a very loving one),the pain is still fresh and new to him. We had a soft chuckle over hearing all the unwanted cliches given to spouses who are now alone. As we talked,I could see this meeting was meant to be and I was glad for it. The job went nice and steady,the carpet looks nice and clean. He rolled up his equipment and went on his way. I let Paladin out of the bedroom and he scampered down the stairs…he stopped at his food bowl,meowed and acted like he hadn’t eaten in weeks.
Then he walked to the carpet,looked confused…so I helped him by carrying him to his solaring spot despite the fact its been a cold gray day. He took a couple of steps,shook his paws and then sat down,only to stand up and look at me. I told he could have his bed back once the floor dries. He responded by heading upstairs to my bed.



One interesting thing about WordPress,it shows you how many words you have typed and at this point,I have typed 625 words…why does it look that I have written hardly anything??

The other house repairs are on track,the botched job by contractor is getting fixed,the counter top in the kitchen has been fixed,I am calling a window repair place next week to get the kitchen window fixed,it really caused me a lot of problems last winter because of the draft,it wasn’t able to seal properly.  I also have to get 3 bags of topsoil for the basement side of the house which I will pick up either tomorrow or Saturday.

Our trees are rapidly changing colors and the leaves are starting to fall. We have enjoyed a warmer then usual Fall season but the weather is going to drop quite quickly as we are getting rain plus overnights temps falling to 38 degrees.
How is everyone getting ready for the upcoming winter? I know in California,they are hoping for a lot of rain as they have suffered a bad wildfire season and could use all the water they can get. Once again I will be using my early warning system for snow based in Minot,North Dakota.  This will allow me to get the snow shovel ready once again. I will admit that I wish ol Rusty the snowthrower had one season left in it but the truth be told I doubt it could clear a ice cube tray much less my driveway.

Well its late and I want to get this out so I will end this entry.


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shout outs:


Cezanne – thank you for the chats,I am so happy Jim and you are doing so well,you really deserve it!

Maggie Lange – Happy birthday!!

Rich the neighbor – Thank you for helping with the projects around my house

San Jose State football – We really need a win to save our season,beat Vegas!

Johnny Johnson – We will talk next week,my prayers are with you

Chris B. – Operation Wheels is going to take place next year.  Its time to DRIVE!! (in my best Eric Stuart voice)

Darryl and Justin – Musketeers! (thanks for your help Justin)

Lewis “I’m Batman” Night – I admire you and your journey,stay strong

Michelle and Brad – almost time to activate the winter warning system

Susan aka Black Canary – Figure out who Alex Gardner is yet? Here is a hint: “dream”



9 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. It took a month but I finally got to read this blog! Another good one, Michael. 🙂 I will fight saying fall is over for as long as possible. lol!
    I can’t believe that crap about the extra charges that carpet cleaning company tried to pull! Good for you for sending them packing, btw. I HATE stuff like that. You should name them so everyone knows who NOT to use.
    But, I agree with your feeling that you meeting the guy who actually cleaned your carpet was meant to be. So, I guess it worked out. 🙂

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